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Best Tablet Reviews LeapFrog-Samsung-Apple iPad & Amazon Fire Tablets

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 The Best Tablet Reviews, For The Safe Environment

Nowadays, our kids are getting more efficient with tablets. Tablets come with lots of benefits to our children, such as enhancing interactive learning, that will motivate their technological intelligence and help them develop critical reasoning and analytical skills.

On top of this, educational contents for kids on such devices often contain easy to use features that are fully

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To Better Guide You To The Right Tool For Your Child, It Is Time To Articulate The Essentials In The Most Effective Way. Through This Review On The Best Tablet Reviews, The Time Is  Now To Move Onward. Hence Gain Your Wisdom With The Most Effective Fun Learning Tablet!!

customized to capture the complete attention of our child. These features are sounds, animations, images, and repetition of contents and among others which brings an engaging learning experience to our young ones.

So, if you find your child has requested a tablet on the wish list, you have all the reasons to get one for him or her.

However, with the current technology, there are a number of different types of tablets available on the market. Therefore, it can be challenging to choose the best tablet that will suit your kids’ needs.

To guide you in selecting the right tool for your kid, we have narrowed down some of the best new tablets that will make you watch your child grow in a safe learning environment.

Amazon Fire Kids Edition 8’’, Watch Your Child Grow

Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet is made especially for children. What makes Amazon Fire Kids tablets the best choice for most parents is due to its 2-year warranty feature which covers any defects on the tablets. The warranty also protects your kid’s tablet against electrical and mechanical damages, and Amazon Company will replace it for free in case anything happens to the tablet.

If you’re looking for a kid tablet that provides an excellent value for your budget, then the Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet is an excellent choice for you.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kid’s Edition, Very Affordable Fun Learning Tablet!!

Key Features

The durable kid-proof case with kid-friendly colors (blue, yellow, and pink) helps to protect against troubles caused by kids such as bumps and drops while playing.

Amazon Fire HD 8, (Click Here)

It comes with a 1-year free time-unlimited package from Amazon which gives access to over 10,000 kid-friendly books, TV shows, games, movies, and educational apps.

Amazon Parent Dashboard offers parents the opportunity to discover the content their kids enjoy and connect with them through valuable discussions about these contents.

Free Time features allow parents to add more content to their child’s profile to allow them selected access to some of the apps in your personal library such as YouTube and Netflix.

Full-featured Fire HD 8 tablet with a lively HD display, front and rear cameras.

MicroSD card slot expands the additional storage of up to 200GB.

32GB of internal storage.


  • Kid-safe Browsers

It’s every parent’s responsibility to ensure that our kids are learning in a safe environment. Amazon Fire Kids Edition comes with Common Sense Media’ which provides thousands of secure websites and web content for children. Parents can also add any site they find relevant to their kids.

  • Easy-to-use Parental Control Interface

Another fantastic benefit of this tool is that a parent has total control which allows managing usage limits, educational goals for your kids, and content access. You can block access to videos and games until your kid’s educational target like reading goals is met.

  • Rich in Quality Kid Contents

Free Time Unlimited from Amazon gives your kid-free access for a period of 1 year to over 10,000 kid-friendly books, TV shows, games, movies, and educational materials. After that, you can subscribe to this content at a fee to ensure your kids’ goals are achieved.

  • Ideal for Even the Toughest Kids
  • The kid-proof casing gives your kids complete freedom of playing without the fear of breaking the tablet.
  • 12 Hours of Battery Life
  • Great kids tablet for travel even for long-distance because of its excellent battery life.


  • The Amazon FreeTime Unlimited videos require WiFi to stream. Only downloaded movies can be watched offline which needs enough internal storage.
  • Music and movies are from Amazon.com are restricted to be downloaded only within the USA.
  • The device can also be confusing for kids.
  • No screen protector

Apple I Pad Mini 2, Watch Your Child Grow In a Safe Learning Environment

Apple Pad Mini 2 is designed as an all-age product. Although its primary design was built to perform to adult standards. What makes this tool outstanding is that Parental Controls and children’s favorite Games can be easily and quickly installed. It’s quite expensive but pretty good for those pre-teens who want to feel grown-ups and enjoy Apple adventure.

Apple I Pad Mini, (Click Here)

Key Features

Apple I Pad Mini 2, Reasonably Affordable Next Step For Your Child’s Early learning Experience!!
  • Thin and light design.
  • Up to 10 hours of battery lifespan.
  • It comes with WIFI and 32GB storage space.
  • Access over 1 million apps on the App Store.


  • Apple Pad Mini 2 is a significant, long-lasting investment and has the potential to perform multi-function tasks.
  • Great screen for kid’s tablets.
  • Good battery life.
  • Premium design.


  • Very expensive for a kid tablet (more than double the price of Amazon Fire Kids Edition).
  • Since it’s a fully functioning iPad Mini, parental controls must be installed and activated.
  • Not a good device for kids below 6 years who are more likely to drop it.
  • It lacks a Touch ID

Tab Lite 7’’ Samsung Kids Tablet, Allow Them To Grow in a Safe Environment

Samsung offers its Tab Lite 7’’ Kids Edition pre-loaded with lots of children applications such as paint tools, games, camera, and many more amazing tools. The tablet has an Application Manager which gives you peace of mind by controlling the apps your kids need to access. It also comes with a Time Management feature to set a time limit for use.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E, (Click Here)

Key Features

Samsung Newest Galaxy Tab E, Lite Flagship Premium 7, Very Affordable, Android-Based Tablet!!

Samsungs newest Galaxy Tab E, Lite Flagship Premium 7, Android-Based, Very Affordable Learning Tablet!!

  • Up to 9 hours of battery lifespan.
  • In-built storage space of 8GB.
  • It Comes with pre-loaded Kid’s Store features to unlock educational content.


  • Excellent parental control tools, which can also be disabled to allow an adult to use the tablet.
  • Provides a 3-months free subscription to Samsung Kids service with access to educational content
  • No in-app purchase and adds when in Kid’s mode
  • Provides an exciting and interactive experience


  • 8GB internal storage may not be enough for you and your kid.
  • Protective cases are limitedly available in the market
  • Does not have a front camera

LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition, For Academic Growth In a Learning Environment

This is the most advanced Android-based tablet which promotes learning and creative play for three years and above children. It’s potential to give your kids a safe learning experience each time they use the tablet.

The LeapFrog Epic is a great choice for any parent who is looking to prize their kids with the first tablet.

LeapPad Epic Academy Edition, (Click Here)

LeapPad Epic Academy Edition, Very Affordable Fun Learning Tablet!!

Key Features

  • LeapSearch browser feature enables your kids to access only approved safe website’s for them. Parents have full control of this feature which brings them real peace of mind.
  • The LeapFrog Epic also comes with inbuilt memory storage of 16GB. It has a Micro-USB slot which expands the extra space of up to 32GB
  • It Comes with ‘Just for Me Learning’ technology which enables your kids to select games to challenge them as they advance and grow.
  • Gives access to favorite Android apps including Math Master and Fruit Ninja Academy.


  • Enables multiple user profiles, which manage what, when, and for how long each child plays hence ideal if you have up to 3 children.
  • Very good for children under 6 years who are not on the market for advanced tablets like Apple Pad Mini 2
  • LeapFrog Epic provides your kid with a great interactive home screen.
  • Designed in a perfect size for small hands

LeapPad Epic Academy Fun learning Tablet, You-Video

LeapPad Epic Academy Edition, Amazon.com, (Click Here)


  • Not suitable for long trips (5 hours of battery life).
  • Apps specifically from the LeapFrog store are pricey.
  • There is no cover case included.
  • Limited educational value.
  • Limited games included.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition: Watch Your Child Grow in a Safe Learning Environment

The Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition is one of the favorite choices for teens who are ready for their own tablets. It’s much more of an affordable option than its counterpart – Amazon Fire Kids Edition 8’’ Tablet.

Amazon, Fire 7, )Click Here)

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet, This is An Extremely Affordable Learning Tablet!!

Key Features

  • Amazon Fire 7 is featured with the Fire for Kids app which is excellent and rich in content that is safe for children under 9 years old. Fire for Kids app also allows you to set time limits on your kid’s activities like reading.
  • Just Ask Alexa feature allows your kids to get quick access to the content and entertainment they want. Here, you can ask questions, check your calendar, play music, get news, and many more. This feature also allows you to message or make a video with anyone with a fire tablet.
  • Unlimited access to over 1000 eBooks and magazines, lots of songs and movies, and TV shows for Prime members at no additional cost. This tool also enables you to watch downloaded videos from anywhere.
  • It comes with up to 8 hours of battery life, internal storage space of 8GB or 16GB, and a MicroSD slot for up to 256GB of expandable storage.
  • Amazon Fire 7 is also featured with Best-in-class Parental Control options which allow you to manage, control, and customize your kids’ learning and entertainment experience with up to 4 individual child profiles. With this feature, you can block your kid’s access to videos, games, and other entertainment content until educational targets like reading goals are achieved.
  • Common Sense Media feature keeps out unhealthy content websites and provides a kid-safe browsing experience. With this feature, you can also add any site you would like to add.


  • Overall Excellent Performance: – Amazon Fire 7 has a fast quad-core processor for quick app launches and smooth games and videos.
  • Suitable for Long Travels: – Amazon Fire 7 gives you the flexibility to go whenever the time takes you due to its 8-hour battery life.
  • Designed for even the toughest kids: – Amazon Fire 7 comes with a rugged case that gives parents peace of mind and kid’s total freedom to play.
  • Amazon Fire 7 is Relatively Cheap, it Comes at a fantastic price hence good for parents on a budget.
  • You get one full year of free access to the store full of kids’ content.
  • A lot of best selection and safe materials for children.
  • A 2-year warranty.


  • Amazon Fire 7 does not come with a screen protector.
  • You can’t watch videos offline.
  • Speakers are somehow weak.
  • Poor camera.

Kurio Xtreme Next Tablet, Watch Your Child Grow in a Safe Learning Environment

If you are a parent on a budget but still want to create a fantastic fun learning tablet experience for your kids, Kurio Xtreme Next Tablet gives you this opportunity. Kuria Xtreme has a stunning design with complete Android features. The device comes with a bumper case that keeps the tablet safe during extreme play.

Kurio Extreme, (Click Here)

Kurio Extreme Fun Learning Tablet, This Is A Very Popular And Affordable Device!!

Key Features

  • Kurio Genius Internet Filtering Tool

This feature enables parents to filter, categorize, and updates over 500 million websites daily to keep their kids safe online. It gives you options to allow and block inappropriate materials by managing the ‘Safe’ and ‘Block’ button easily.

  • Best in Class Parental Controls

This feature gives you the freedom to customize up to 8 different profiles with separate settings for each child. It has comprehensive content control, time limit management and, app management, and a Parent Area with a password protected.

  • Packed with Over 90 Apps, Games, and More

Kurio Xtreme Next Tablet comes with popular games like Subway Surfer, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, and many more amazing innovative Kurio motion games for your kids. It’s also loaded with Google Play to give access to tons of apps.


  • A free lifetime subscription to Kurio Genius enables your kid to access educational content.
  • Provides total parental controls that feature time limits, management of apps, and the ability to create up to 8 different child profiles.
  • Great pre-downloaded free kids’ apps and games.
  • It’s a great choice for parents on a budget.


  • Slow operating system
  • Poor battery life

Apple iPad 9.7 Inch’, Allow Them To Grow In a Fun Learning Environment

An Apple iPad is one of the best new tablets to watch your older child grow in a safe learning environment. Although it’s not an exclusive tool for children, it is flexible and accessible to still make it an ideal choice for your kids.

Apple I Pad 9.7, (Click Here)

Apple I Pad 9.7, The Next Generation Tablet For Your Child’s Fun Learning Experience!!

Key Features

  • Great Parental Controls

Apple iPad gives parents total control to manage usage limits, choose content access, and plan for the educational goals of their kids. Parents have options to block access to movies and music to encourage your child to achieve their educational targets.

  • It comes with great contrast to deliver one of the most amazing tablet displays available on the market.
  • Advanced security with Touch ID Technology.
  • Two cameras with large pixels for FaceTime HD.


  • It’s a great tool for all-around performance.
  • The long battery life of up to 11 hours of life.
  • Great support for the Apple pencil.
  • Apple iPad is more affordable.
  • Free educational apps.
  • Speedy performance.
  • Good display.


  • No built-in parental control options.
  • The speakers are a bit weak.
    No kid-proof case.
  • Very expensive.
  • Dull design.

 Conclusion of The Best Tablet Reviews

Technology has been part of our children since their birth. Therefore, they understand the technology very well. In the same vein, tablets are very useful platforms for entertaining and educating your kids in a modern technology version. This list of our best-selected tablets gives you an opportunity of getting your kids a tool of their dream. Purchasing any from the list gives you a high chance of creating a fantastic entertainment and learning adventure for your kids.

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This article, as well as all of the content within this blog, has been a real pleasure articulating for the benefit of every viewer to make the most confident decision for their child’s early learning engagement.

Please feel free to leave your valuable and engaging comments below for the benefit of every viewer including me

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    I’ve been looking into various tablets for my four-year-old boy over the last couple of months and one worry keeps on coming up and up again – the safety of in-app purchases. 

    My son frequently tries to unlock paid avenues of apps when I’m not looking – do these tablets come with a safety net for that sort of thing?

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    Great website, I agree that it is an absolute minefield choosing tablets for young children. We have recently been shopping for a tablet for our 7-year-old and our aim was to purchase something which is durable and we can control what she has access to for a reasonable price. In the end, we have opted for the Amazon Fire as it is tailor-made for kids, durable and the 2-year warranty on them is absolutely fantastic.

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    Really comprehensive breakdown of kids tablets today – thank you for this.

    It is very pleasing to see the “parent dashboard” element being launched by Amazon and others, when I investigated a few years back I felt this was a significant deficiency in tablets for kids.

    One thing I don’t see covered in this article, and I feel it is important, is the degree to which games and activities can be collaborative – do any of these tablets provide the ability to interact with other kids across the internet and hence make them more team based?

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