Samsung Galaxy Kids Tablets in – Review – Pros & Cons

For a long time, Samsung has retained a strong history of offering the public interactive, durable, effective, and most efficient tablets. Samsung boasts of the best tablets that make learning fun and exciting.

The COVID 19 has robbed a lot from us — the social nature. Even worse, our kids cannot freely interact with their friends and their teachers at schools anymore. But then, it has given us something very special — the freedom to make the best out of them. So, you can freely instill competence in your child.

During this moment of social-distance from the public, there is an opportunity for you to interact and enjoy building your kid’s experience. While most of the parents don’t know how to engage their kids when at home, there’s a lot you can do. Introducing your kids to fun learning tablets can be a great deal.

The Value of a Fun Learning Experience

You will be able to add value to their education and still grow their social networking. And that’s what Samsung guarantees.

Getting the best Samsung Kids Tablets Reviews for Today’s Popular Fun Learning Devices is one step. And making the best for your kids is another thing.Samsung kids tablets reviews. The colorful ilustration of whats next in the horizon.

But most importantly, you need to understand what your kids need. And offer them the best. Samsung kids’ tablets are what you need to be guided. Here’s all you need to know.

Samsung kid’s tablets are an ideal choice for active learning. Also, these gadgets are user friendly with educator-endorsed content. Not to mention that the tablets are easy to use and maintain. So when seeking to offer your kids a better learn in experience, then one of the most popular Samsung tablets can be amazing. While there are several interactive devices for kids, the best tablet with all your favorite features can be significant. Today, we shall review the most popular tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1: All You Need to Know!

And for the record, the coming of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a clear indication that the brand is ready to make learning no only fun bug rule-based. This is a new middle-class tablet with top-rated apps and fun learning features.

This device has a new and improved 10-inch Full HD display. Besides, the tablet comes with a thick metal body and an 8-core processor. On top of that, Tab A version is among the first device to ship with the latest and most efficient Android 9.0.

How To Root The Samsung Galaxy Tab A, You-Tube Video

What are the features of Samsung Galaxy Tab A

For better performance and increased efficiency, Samsung is offering the best and most useful features. Apart from the increased internal storage from 16 GB to 32 GB, this device has many more new features and specifications that give it a better experience.

Design & Build quality.

Most kid’s tablets come with the same design and construction. However, Samsung Galaxy Tab A has some unique or new surprises when it comes to design. It has changed a lot as compared to its predecessor. Besides, this is a slim edged gadget with improved screen size and resolution.

While previous versions were constructed with plastic, Samsung Galaxy Tab A has a metal body. So, it feels more high-end. However, it has retained its plastic rod on top of the antenna.

The picture of a logo stating high quality.

Camera :

For a tablet, a 5-megapixel front camera, as well as an 8-megapixel camera on the back, makes it the best choice for learners. Even an excellent smartphone has a better camera. Certainly, the Samsung Galaxy Tab for kids comes with the best video camera. Its pictures look better than those taken by an ordinary handset.

Display :

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has an easy to decipher screen size. It is a 10.1″ device with IPS LCD technology. Besides, this tablet comes with a resolution of 1920 × 1200 pixels plus a density of 224 PPI.

The screen is bright, relatively contrasty, and colorful. However, it is not AMOLED. Nevertheless, the viewing angles are decent. Probably, it’s a regular display without many flaws. However, the only nuance inherent in many filters here is the fading of dark shades when adjusted to certain extreme angles.

Battery Life :

Samsung is offering the galaxy tab with a battery that has a capacity of 6150mAh. The battery can last 10 hours and 30 minutes of running time. However, you need to adjust to a specific brightness level.

Product: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1inch

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A Pros and Cons

Pros of Samsung Galaxy Tab A

1 – This device comes with Large internal storage is 64GB. After installing your kid’s learning applications and considering the operating system, etc., you will still have over 50 GB ROM left. So, with enough storage space, you’ll be left for your kids to store learning resources.

2 – The tablet comes with very powerful wifi. So, connecting it to the router will see your child get access to kid-friendly content online. Whether the signal is weak or strong, your kids’ tablet will still allow them to surf online as they visit virtual libraries or even get the best out of distance learning.

3 – Perfect Camera and video. When taking some indoor photos, outdoor photos, screenshots, or recording videos, kids will enjoy vivid and clear images.

4 – screen quality: The tablet’s screen is apparent and with bright colors. Even better, their eBooks are easy to read on this tablet. Therefore, if you are wondering what you’ll do for your child’s recently suggested distance learning, then this is a big plus.

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The Ongoing Pro’s of This Popular Tablet

5 – A 3.5 headphone jack. So, if your kids like using headphones when watching kids-safe movies, then this is the best choice for them.

6 – Chargers and other Accessories In the box. While some devices come without essential accessories, Samsung Galaxy Tab A has an excellent Samsung charger base and cable included in the box. Although it’s not a fast charger, the quality of the accessory is efficient and designed to offer the best experience with this fun learning tablet.

7 – Sound quality… when it comes to the quality of the sound system for this handset, you’ll like the speakers. The tablet has a good sound or its speakers. Besides, the kids can use headphones (available separately) or Bluetooth speakers for a more accurate, flexible, and convenient experience.

8 – Battery life excellent. Your kids will enjoy a full day with heavy use. So, if you are considering taking your child through homeschool, then this battery life is enough for learning and fun.

Cons of Samsung Galaxy Tab A

1 – No biometric technology. Though it’s not necessary, fingerprints or face recognition can add security to the device.

2– No magnetic shut off that helps with the case when closed.

3 – No flash in the camera.

4 – The size makes it a little uncomfortable.

5 – The quality of the sound is medium.

6 – Small buttons for power and volume control.

Bottom Line

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a simple, efficient, kids-friendly multimedia tablet with a considerable screen size — large enough for the kids to comfortably watch movies, browse websites, or even read articles. That makes it the best tablet for kids from preschool to junior secondary.

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  3. I have mainly used 2 brands of tablets for my kids and they are amazon fire…which I have gotten all the models and the leapfrog which I got very recently….the Samsung is a very nice product although I haven’t tried it out yet I have a lot of persons who has and they have given good reports about it I would definitely get one this month-end

  4. Hmm…..firstly I want to commend your consistency as I have read almost all the articles that you have shared on learning tablets for kids and I must tell this is one of the best that you shared… I have used a lot of learning tablets over the years especially the amazon HD fire and I must say the Samsung kid’s tablet is one of the best…as I have used them and they are really good.

  5. An intriguing article. I simply need to state that Samsung kid’s tablets are the best method to teach our kid. I simply need to state that I purchased this Tablet from my kid so he can catch on quickly effectively and with fun. The most significant thing is this is the most stunning and quality full item for me and I might want to state that this item can assist you with teaching intriguing things.

  6. This is a great review of Samsung Kids Tablets. I never realized there were so many benefits of Samsung Kids Tablets for a baby.

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  7. Thank you for your post. It is a timely article for me. Right now the school is shut down. My grandson is living with us and he wants a Kid Tablet, using it to learn. I promise to buy one for him, but never take time to search for one.

    Here comes your article. Looks that Samsung Galaxy kid’s tablet has all features we need. I particularly like your pros and cons analyses. The most important is storage volume since he loves to play the game using the tablet and needs large memory. The 64 GB is big enough for him. 

    Another thing is the battery life since he likes to carry the tablet around. Seems the device comes with a full day power of the battery, which is good enough.

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