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Early Learning Goals & Reading Skills Established With The LeapFrog LeapPad Platform

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The Advantages of Technology With a Fun Learning Device

As society progresses, so does its tools. This is evident from our far ancestors with their sticks and metal tools. As well as with our more recent ancestors with their printing press and electricity. Nowadays, humanity has entered the digital age where everything and anything seems possible. And, day by day, we prove that what used to be impossible is actually achievable. With the right instruments to aid it.

The digital age rushed in only a few decades ago, with the birth of the first computer and the great internet. Everything seemed bulky and too technical for the regular citizen then. Thus, only understandable and useful to scientists and mathematicians

Time passed and they trickled down to become accessible to the masses. In turn, the masses’ needs and wants to spurn the innovation of these tools. From the brick-sized phone to a paper-thin one, phones have changed a lot. From a gadget communication to being the only gadget needed by many individuals.

The computer used to be a bulky mass of metal that evolved into the first personal computer. Eventually, it became a laptop that can fit in a bag. There are even tablets that allow students and teachers to fulfill learning goals. The internet has the most important and most mundane information from all parts of the globe. The internet has it all. From cat videos and social media platforms that churn out viral videos and trends every minute to complete the history of a nation.

Of course, these advancements and technological leaps have their advantages and disadvantages. Phones have made it easier to communicate with everyone across the globe. People have also blamed it for the decline in reading and face-to-face interaction.

The Simplicity of Reading Skills Created Within Technology

Computers have made writing easier. But some groups blame it for the decline in handwriting quality across the globe. It’s made everything convenient. It is also blamed as the cause of laziness within the current generation. The internet has the most vocal advocates and detractors.

As the source of the world’s information, it has become a great hub for students and scholars alike. But, this information is not always accurate or safe. It has a great effect, which led to many detractors. It also caused the conception of firewalls and search controls.

When you have access to everything, you have access to both the good and the bad, and the truth and the lie. This means everyone can justify their causes and beliefs with false information. That’s a huge danger, especially in this political climate.

The Relationship Between Technology and Education

As with everything in the history of man, power comes with having a choice. In this case, it is the choice of when and what to use these advancements for. Everything can be a double-edged sword depending on who is wielding it. For the education sector, anything can be used for a better educational system.

They teach students how to use a computer, how to comb the internet for information, and even how to code.

There are digital learning tablets made available for students all over the globe. There is an initiative in making education accessible and convenient. As part of this initiative, colleges and universities have started to adopt different learning and teaching methods with learning tablets. It’s connected to the thought that using this

technology with this generation will help the teachers teach them and reach them better. It’s definitely leveling the fighting field.

Learning Tablets and Early Childhood Education

Picture of a bright light bulb illuminating strategy, innovation and creativity.
As Your Child Moves Forward Within Their Fun Learning Platform,  Which Is Well Known To Be The Most Effective Way To Retain Their New Knowledge. This Early Learning Concept Will Also Create Their Strategy, And Innovation Skills That Will Also Enhance Their Creativity, To Support Their Solution Concepts!!

This is an acceptable practice in high schools and universities. However, it is less known and far less encouraged when it comes to using it with young preschool students. Most of the early education practices and schools of thought emphasize simplicity, play, and independence building in its practices.

There’s a thought that exposing children to fun learning devices and technology so early in their lives will lead to them being dependent on it. Dependency is feared to cause less intelligence.

The “don’t let your television babysit your child” thought has led many parents to completely ban television for their children. Until they reach a certain age in fear that this might make them dumb. This extends to the usage of tablets in pre-schools.

There are progressive schools of thought that emphasize less on the cognitive aspect of learning in early childhood but more on building relationships and independence. These schools of thought emphasize letting the children play and discovering the world through play.

Some schools are open to using learning tablets in their curriculum. This can aid in teaching the children better. Without taking away their right to access what is available to them. Especially when it’s definite that they will be encountering and using it in the future on the day to day basis.

The learning tablet is especially useful in tapping, developing, and achieving the Early Learning Goals’, Achieved With a Relevant Fun Learning Tablet set in education.

These early learning goals cover seven major learning areas:

  • communication and language
  • physical development
  • personal, social, and emotional development
  • literacy
  • mathematics
  • understanding of the world and,
  • expressive arts and design.

These seven major learning areas cover the basics and fundamentals needed by every human being to survive and be a functional and contributing person in society. Every core area is as important as the others.

How to use a learning tablet in the classroom

How are these early learning goals achieved with a relevant fun learning tablet then?

The answer lies in these three words: relevant, fun, and learning.

It is best to keep in mind who the students are. These children have a shorter attention span than adults. This is not because they lack anything but because their brains are still developing. They don’t have the proper grasp of social cues and rules yet.

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These students will prefer to run around the room and campus rather than staying put and listening to a lecture. No matter how well-prepared it is. It has to be something they relate to. It has to be relevant.

Difference Between Books And Digital Tablets.

The difference between books and digital tablets is the speed with which it can be updated. The fact that books may take months or even years to be updated, by then, a favorite and relatable cartoon character may have been out of touch and unpopular. Such is not the case with digital learning tablets.

They can ride the waves and trends with the internet and in the hands of a person who knows how to use it. Learning tablets are easily updated with a snap of a finger. Thus, keeping the content relatable and relevant to the students and the society in which they belong. It’s not limited to the most famous characters or the released movies and toys. It is also about how society moves and changes around the child in which the lesson is created.

The Relevance in Achieving The Seven Key Areas of Early Learning Goals

The magnificent picture of the word empower with future flowing thru it.
As Our Children Go Deeper Into Their Well Managed Early Learning Platform, You Will Began To See The Empowerment That They Are Receiving, Because You Are At Their Side Coaching And Encouraging Them As Much As Possible!!

In communication and language as well as literacy, with a relevant digital tablet, it’s easy to stay in the loop about the new lingo. Whether or not the teachers should teach it to students is under the discretion of the teacher.

With a relevant digital tablet, words can be spelled with a font familiar to the children, thus tapping their memory for easier recall. It could be a font from their favorite television show.

For physical, personal, social, and, emotional development, games can be played with digital tablets in groups. Aside from exercise, this fosters camaraderie and emotional responses by allowing the children to play their own games.

It’s the same thing with mathematics and understanding the world. A relevant tablet is also well updated with the children’s interests especially when it comes to developing arts and design. How many times have you stared at a child’s drawing, trying to decipher it but to no avail because of your lack of knowledge of their interest and habits? Countless. And without this recognition, proper encouragement also goes out the window.

How does being fun help in achieving the seven key areas of Early Learning Goals’, Achieved With a Relevant Fun Learning Tablet?

Again, it’s best to look at the age range of these children. They’re preschool age, somewhere between 3 to 7, even younger. What they have in mind is fun, exploring, and discovery. This is how they best learn about their world, not in a classroom eight hours a day.

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The digital tablet can make learning fun by providing lessons disguised as games. Take application games that prompt the child to trace the word before getting a prize. This helps in their communication and literacy, as well as their handwriting. There are also games that allow children to learn mathematical equations by letting their game character eat a cake and prompt them how many slices are left. It allows them to visualize a problem and gamify solving it.

The Purpose Driven Fun Learning Tablet

That’s an important term in using a learning tablet – it gamifies learning. While it sounds like it makes learning mundane, it is best to look at it in a different way. It makes learning interesting and exciting. It’s much easier to teach an excited crowd than a passive one, after all. Excited learners absorb knowledge much easier and better than their passive counterparts. because it interests them, and not because a grade is hanging over their heads.

An animated picture of a caroon character sweeping up through the space stating articulating essentials.
Now That We Can Move Forward With The Knowledge That We Were Seeking Through This Article For Our Kid’s Early Academic Headstart. We Can Articulate The Essentials In a More Defined Goal Orientated Process, To Manage Our Child’s Early Learning Platform In The Most Effective Fun Related Manner!!

How does a learning tablet help in achieving the seven key areas of Early Learning Goals’, Achieved With a Relevant Fun Learning Tablet?

You’re relevant and fun? You’ve got that covered. But don’t get lost in catering to your students so much that you’ll forget why a tablet is in the room in the first place. Go back to the core – it has to gear towards learning. Every game and relevance has to center on a learning goal.

Given these three characteristics, how then can a teacher use a tablet in the classroom? Here are some ideas.

Characteristics of Tablets In The Class

1.  Tap into 360-degree videos.

Gone are the days of flat four-cornered videos. Say hello to the ever immersive experience of 360-degree videos! As the most common and cheapest form of virtual reality, 360 degree videos are great. Especially for creating an interactive environment for students. It can show places that you are most likely never going to go on a field trip. Fit a kid with google for a 360-degree video and have them describe what you see. You are now tapping into their communication and literacy sphere.

2. Create classroom movies.

Tap into your students’ imagination and creativity! Pull some strings to create an environment for social and emotional development through group work, and you’ve hit three stones with one with this activity. Ask the class to act out their favorite scene in a book you’ve discussed and allowed them to set-up the settings and characters. This develops their rapport with each other. As well as their social understanding and their teamwork and creativity. And you, as a teacher, will have something to send to their parents at the end of the day!

3. Translate foreign words.

In a rapidly moving world, it is no surprise that children are able to speak more than just one language. And even if they do, it’s always best to prepare them for a globalizing world. Language is a great tool to create relationships across the world. With the help of a tablet, you can say goodbye to having to give out blank stares when your students ask for the meaning of a foreign word. A learning tablet can easily translate it in real-time, and can even give out examples of how to use them in conversation.

4. Learn new outdoor games.

the picture of a very young female college student do chemistry experiments.
The Conclusion of Your Child’s Goal Orientated Early Learning Platform, That Was Established Through Your Best Decision Making And Fun Ongoing Interaction, Should  Look Something Like This. What An Amazing Focused Process!!

Don’t let activities stay in the four corners of your room. With a tablet, you could revisit games played by older generations and arouse curiosity in the younger ones. A bit of a push is needed, as well as guidance, for them to enjoy a game that their parents played before. This will develop their physical strength and understanding at the same time.

5. Tap into live knowledge.

As mentioned earlier, the internet is a vast place of information. Take advantage of this by researching anything and everything that comes up during the discussion. Indulge your young children’s curiosity and foster it. With tons of information on hand, this also allows teachers to personalize and customize their approach for each student. After all, no student is the same. And no two students have the same strengths and weaknesses. And none of them can fit in a mold.

In Conclusion of Early Learning Goals Reading Achieved With a LeapFrog Tablet

Early learning goals can be achieved with a relevant fun learning tablet when used the correct way and in the hands of a professional teacher. There are many activities to explore and create lessons with.

The convenience of technology combined with good intentions will result in great results. Be closer and bring your students closer to success with learning tablets!

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Early learning goals reading. The colorful illustration of a traffic signal on green, stating yes.

This article has been a real pleasure articulating for the benefit of every viewer to gain the knowledge that they are seeking for their children’s early learning platform.

Please feel free to leave your valuable and engaging comment’s below for our viewers and me to grow in our knowledge to make the best decision for the children. Sincerely, Jack Butler, founder of funlearningdevices.com

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8 thoughts on “Early Learning Goals & Reading Skills Established With The LeapFrog LeapPad Platform

  1. Chris

    Hey Jack!

    To start off the post has tons of great information! I thought it was put together very well!

    I totally agree that technology can be used for great things especially learning! There is just so much information out there!

    The only thing I would recommend is going through and reading it out loud. There were some sentences that didn’t make too much sense!

    Other than that, great job!

    1. Jack

      Thank you, Chris, for your valuable comments on Early Learning Goal’s, Achieved With a Relevant Fun Learning Tablet, as they are so important for the growth of this site. Also, I appreciate the tips as well, I hope to hear from you soon, sincerely, Jack

  2. Celeste

    Thanks for the informative article. I’m a TEFL teacher in Thailand and I’ve found that using Learning Tablet’s for my young learners is a great way to engage them. They love it. I try not to overdo it and vary my activities to include writing, drawing, singing etc. Technology is part of our lives and if used correctly you can get great results.

    1. Jack

      Thank you, Celeste, for your important and engaging comments on Early Learning Goal’s, Achieved With a Relevant Fun Learning Tablet, as they are so important for the growth of this site. I hope to hear from you soon, Jack

  3. Brian

    Hi Jack,

    I’ll admit it, my handwriting has declined by leaps and bounds over the past ten years or so. So whoever is making that observation, I concur. But hey, I can type like a whirlwind! 

    And as it relates to how the digital age has plowed on through the last several decades- I recall when it was said that 1MB would be all you’ll ever need to tackle of your computing needs. 

    I agree with your conclusions over the learning tablet, and it’s place in this tech environment we all live in. 

    In the right hands, this can be a great learning tool.

    1. Jack

      Thank you, Brian, for your very important and engaging comments on, Early Learning Goals, Achieved With a Relevant Fun learning Tablet, as they are so very important for the ongoing growth of this website. In my day cursive was the writing style, then that phased out, now it is all about typing, perhaps next it will be vocal commands to illustrate content. The bottom line is eventually everything phases out, then how we handle it and improve on the new phases are the critical concerns, that must be addressed, not dwelling on the past. I hope to hear from you soon, sincerely, Jack

  4. Dale

    What a great article.  I am one of those people who has seen the good ole days and the days of today.  I have no problem with our 7 yr old grandson playing on his tablet but I also want him chasing Popsicle sticks down the street after or during a rainfall.  It is so hard to make kids understand that there was a life before electronics.

    1. Jack

      Thank you, Dale, for your very important and engaging comments on Early Learning Goal’s, Achieved With a Relevant Fun learning Tablet, as they are so important for the development of this website. I was born in 1960, and I surely remember those days well, even in suburban L.A., we played hide and seek in the entire neighborhood, as it was open to everyone, My parent’s where alarmed when we watched too much TV, when I was in the USAF in 1978, the North American defense command was the size of 2 city blocks, and it held the same amount of info that an I-Pad hold’s today, the fact is finger-tip technology is growing rapidly into the hyper-tech era, and all we can do is help them manage it a safe fun to learn way, and engage with them in the outdoors, as there are many adults who do not even care about the great outdoors anymore. We must remember to set their early learning goal-s and role model our statndards. I hope to hear from you soon, sincerely, Jack

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