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Technology is the trending factor in today’s education. You need these fun learning devices to equip your children for excellence. It is for this matter that we review the 21st Century fun learning devices by giving you top tips on Amazon Fire HD Tablets. Read on for incisive content!

1. Amazon Fire HD 7

Best Kids Tablet With WIFI: "Tips on Amazon Fire HD"-Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition Tablets
The Amazon Fire HD 7 Is Very Well Rated And The Most Affordable Within The Kids Electronic Learning Toys Engaging Amazon Fire HD Kids Tablets !!

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Best Place To Buy:

My Ratings: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Warranty: 90 Day Limited Warranty

Amazon’s cheapest gadget

Durable design

Durability is a key factor when it comes to educating your kids. This is because a durable gadget will help make education affordable for you and your child.

Amazon Fire HD 7 comes with essentials that make it long-lasting. For example, each tool has a bumper case. This is either a plastic or rubber case that helps protect the device from injuries that may result from bumps, spills, or drops.

As an electronic gadget, Amazon Fire HD may be quick to develop hiccups when exposed to extremes. That is why you may need a protector to keep the device from direct interaction with adverse environments.

Dual camera

Talking about cameras may sound awkward for the past generation of learners. However, that is the trending topic with today’s education. Field trips are now the order of the day. It is during these moments that your child will require a clear capture for future reference.

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Taking personal pictures during events is also a way to create future memory. That is why your children require a tablet with superb cameras.

Amazon Fire HD 7 has dual cameras. The front and back camera. Each of which is amazing. Via the gadget, your children will capture and record crystal clear pictures and videos respectively.

Access to the internet

The internet is the prime in digital education. For that matter, your child requires a device that can access online platforms without any glitches. Via the Amazon Fire HD 7, your children will get immediate access to the internet. As a result, they can access as much content as they want.



  • Limited storage space
  • 2. Amazon Fire HD 8

Parental control

How To Install a New App To a Kindle, You-Tube Video

According to Amazon’s customer care desk

Your children require utmost safety. That is protection from inappropriate content. And parental control can offer your children the best security ever.

Are you looking for means to stop your children from too much exposure to the screen? The use of parental control acts as a solution to the problem. For instance, you can create an account with

limitations on screen time. This means that the gadget will automatically switch off when the created time arrives.

Also, you will restrict the content your children can access adjusting some settings via the app. All you need is to highlight the application that your child can access. After which, you can include the apps in the created account. This means that your children will be accessing the content available in the application only.

Further, you will limit regular visits to a single site. Education is supposed to cover different subjects. Meaning, your children will perform well once they embrace every subject. Frequent access to a single application may interfere with your child’s studies.

For you to be able to trace your children’s progress, you need a platform that can give you some feedback. And parental control works extremely smart to ensure that every activity carried out on the tablet is recorded. From these records, the app has a way of coming up with a comprehensive report. By going through the findings, you will be in a position to know how your child is progressing.21st Century Fun Learning Devices: "5 Tips on Amazon Fire HD Tablets"

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

Purchase of this brand will bring your children a full year of free online services. The Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is the offer by the Amazon company that entails twelve months of free access to the program. During this period, your kids will enjoy access to over 20,000 educator-endorsed applications.

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Games, music, eBooks, and movies are among the academic and entertainment approaches used by the digital education program. Remember, every app available in the program aims at promoting your child’s performance.

The Amazon FreeTime Unlimited will expose your children to great content that is examinable in their curriculum. As a result, giving your kids first-hand information and also acting as a way of revision.

For the first twelve months of the purchase of the Amazon tablet, your kids will be enjoying free services. After which you will have to enjoy the services of the program by paying a subscription fee either monthly or yearly.

Rechargeable and durable battery

The tablet depends entirely on the battery life for its performance. This becomes an issue when the battery fails to offer the expected services.

2. Amazon Fire HD 8 Affordable And Effective

Best Kids Tablet With WIFI: "Tips on Amazon Fire HD". The colorful picture of a Amazon Fire HD8 tablet.
The Amazon Fire HD 8 Is Highly Rated And Very Affordable Within Our 21st Century Fun Learning Devices: “5 Tips on Amazon Fire HD Tablets Reviews” !!

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Best Place To Buy:

My Ratings: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Warranty: Standard 2 Year Amazon Plan Available

Amazon Fire HD 8 has a battery that can serve your kids for a couple of hours without the need for a recharge. Also, as a rechargeable battery, the cells make tech interactions a continuous process.



  • Limited to age factor

3. Amazon Fire HD 10

Best Kids Tablet With WIFI: "Tips on Amazon Fire HD". Best for Sharing: Fire HD 10 Tablet (2019)
The Amazon Fire Tablet 10 Is Very Highly Rated And Excellent Within Our 21st Century Fun Learning Devices: “5 Tips on Amazon Fire HD Tablets” Reviews!

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Best Place To Buy:

My Ratings: 4.9 0f 5 Stars

Warranty: Standard 2 Year Amazon Plan Available

This screen is large enough for your children to enjoy watching and playing tablet games. Further, the display of the tool is highly responsive. As a result, your children will enjoy almost instant access to different sites.

Durable design

The purchase of the tablet is a contract with long-term services. The gadget has the ability to resist some form of tough conditions. This helps to improve the service delivery program of the tablet.

A bumper case is available for your children. Plus, a shatter-safe screen. The availability of an in-built stand is another factor that further promotes the durability of the tablet.

Quick processor and stable RAM

These are features that improve the services delivered by the tablet. Both of them help to increase the speed at which the tablet can respond to the given directions and give accurate solutions.

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  • Enough storage space
  • Quick processor
  • Dual cameras
  • Access to the internet


  • Limited to content transfer


Amazon tablets aim at helping your children score highly in their studies. This is achievable through their numerous features. Plus, Amazon FreeTime Unlimited helps to improve the service delivery of tablets. Therefore, to equip your children with the basic content for their success you need this brand of tablets.

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  1. Thanks for this clear and comprehensive guide on the Amazon Fires.

    It is essential to consider the age of your child when purchasing a tablet, as you don’t want them to grow out of it too quickly, as they are too expensive for that.

    The FireFly 7 is definitely for small children and that is why it has the protective cover to make sure it can stand up to being dropped.  However, I think a parent should consider carefully the reason why they are buying a very small child a tablet in the first place.  

    There is definitely one there to suit every child’s needs.

    1. Thank you always, Geoff, for your very engaging comments within our fun learning devices blog, on the 21st-century fun learning devices blog, as they are a key element for the knowledge-based decision-making process in so many ways. It is always great hearing from you, sincerely, Jack

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