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What Is The Best Tablets To Buy For Kids? LeapFrog Is Educator Endorsed!!

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Change Your Kids Learning Process, By Making It Enjoyable

Is the educator designed fun learning tablet the answer?

After an inordinate length of time in which our children have used the pen and paper, it is time they moved on to something better. They need something that will improve their learning process, and make it more fun while bringing out the best in them.

Can you guess what that could be? Perhaps a hi-tech fun learning tablet may be the solution. How is the performance of your child? Does it impress you? Even if it is above average, it is good to remember that they may need to be boosted. Any little boost can make them more confident and strong academically.

Contemporary education systems require the integration of technology into the delivery of the modern curriculum. Various research bids have shown that the integration of technology into the teaching process simplifies teaching, and improves the outcomes of learning.

But you must be wondering: is this venture worth investing in for the future of my child? Ultimately, the cost of purchasing fun learning devices such as tablets may be high. But it is a venture worth trying because it equips your child with the technological skills necessary for a world whose future is advancing technologically. But what do fun learning tablets have to offer?

What is the Unique Nature of Tablets as Fun Learning Tools?

Do you remember when it was difficult to merge games and learning activities? Games were often deemed as activities that were totally parallel to class-based education, perhaps because the fun in games was thought to be a distraction to learning. Contrastingly, recent studies show that if learning activities are made to be fun and interesting, then learning outcomes improve.

Very colorful picture of a puzzle illustrating learning.
It Is The Joy of All Children To Enjoy Learning, And This Is Where The Tablets Come In.

The ability to combine learning and gaming fun has made these fun learning devices popular tools for improved education delivery. Indeed, learning is incomplete and meaningless if it can’t make the process engaging and fun.

Do you know how our ancestors were able to pass down their knowledge through generations before the development of writing and the printing press? Fun-filled, thrilling, and engaging oral stories were the trick.

The young enjoyed the story sessions, and they were thus able to learn better. But how can we achieve this? Fun learning tablets provide an ideal solution, and here is how and why they positively impact your child’s learning process.

How can Tablets Positively Impact the Fun Learning Process of Your Young Ones?

Stakeholders in the education sector, and more so the parents have been worried about the alleged possibility of technological devices such as tablets distracting the learning process and nurturing bad behavior among children. In actual sense, studies have revealed otherwise.

The use of tech devices such as tablets has been found to have a positive impact on teaching and learning outcomes. As such, forward-looking institutions have even managed to pioneer the creation of early education platforms that are based on the use of technological devices such as tablets and the internet. Read on to get a glimpse of how tablets can better your child’s learning.

 Developing your child’s aptitude for technology

Like laptops, smartphones, and personal computers, tablets also impart computer skills to your child at an early stage. In the future, computer skills and the use of other related technological devices will be essential because virtually all workplaces and even homes are embracing the use of such technologies.

An animated picture of a caroon character sweeping up through the space stating articulating essentials.
As We Move Forward Within This Content On What is the Best Tablet to Buy, For our Kid’s Fun Learning Experience. You Will Discover That The Goal of This Blog Is To Articulate The Essentials of Your Desire To Move Forward With the Confidence That You Are Seeking To Achieve Your Child’s Early Learning Skills!!

 Acquisition of real-life skills

As fun learning devices, tablets allow your child to be involved in essential real-life activities such as checking the weather, time, online shopping, or the looking up of information from the internet and directions. These activities give your kids a chance to acquire life skills that may be useful in their entire life.

Enhancement of social development and learning

The effective use of fun learning tablets can foster mental stimulation, which can improve the acquisition of cognitive and social skills. The integration of learning and gaming gives your children special apps and games, which help your kid to develop literacy and numeracy skills.

Tablet-enabled capabilities such as video-calling and chatting over connections also improve your child’s social interaction skills and help them to learn self-expression.

 Improvement of communication skills

The use of online communication platforms such as Skype and Face-timing can help your kid to learn how technology is used to communicate. These platforms also provide children with a place where they can build relations with other people and learn how to properly communicate with them.

If your kids are below five years, there may be a possibility that they cannot express themselves properly in writing. But with these fun learning devices, they can sure say a lot about what they think.

 Easy Usage

Unlike laptops and PCs, which are comparatively more complicated to use for your children aged between 3 and 9 years, the tablet is simple to use. Even toddlers find it easy to tap and swipe on the tablets’ screens because there is no further dexterity required.

The magnificent picture of the word empower with future flowing thru it.
This Hi-Tech Paperless Learning Process Is So Engaging for Our Children. Imagine With Our Continous Goal Orientated Intervention, That Will Leap our Child Into Their Early Academic Headstart and Place Them Beyond Their Competition. This is The Empowerment of These Fun Learning Devices Academic Potential!!

Paperless, and cheaper learning

Textbooks are considerably costly and there is a need for regular updates on new versions of textbooks. This implies that you have to always part with more money. In addition, the excessive use of textbooks leads to more felling of trees to make paper.

This trend is unsustainable in the current world considering its negative impacts on climate and the environment. You may be wondering: How will the fun learning tablet help? Well, with a tablet, there is no need to print books and this saves the trees.

Secondly, there is no need to buy new versions of books because all you have to do is delete the old versions to upload the new versions at a relatively low price compared to the purchasing of paperback books.

Permits the use of simulation in learning

Some learning activities are costly or risky because they require expensive equipment and material, or they bear a high risk to the learner. But the use of tactile and audio-visual simulations may allow your loved ones to engage in such learning activities without exposure to risk or the need for expensive material and equipment.

 A rich resource and the possibility of remote delivery of education and instructions

A tablet may hold many textbooks in digital format. In fact, it may hold more books than your kid can carry in a backpack. The fun learning tablet can indeed act as a mini-library that is portable and convenient in use than the books or physical library.

Also, the child can get direct instructions and even assignments from the tutor while at home, and this facilitates remote learning that can be easily monitored and tracked by all stakeholders including parents and teachers.

Fun learning tablets allow the facilitation of individualized learning

Studies have shown that children learn at different paces depending on whether they are fast or slow learners. In order to equally deliver the curriculum to these different categories of learners, teachers have to develop individualized approaches to teaching. With the use of multiple e-learning and teaching approaches on tablets, teachers are able to deliver education to all students because of the flexibility that these fun learning devices offer.

LeapFrog-LeapPad 3, Fun Learning Tablet, You-Tube Video

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To achieve the full benefits, here is what you should know……

Are you still wondering what is the best tablet to buy, for our kids’ fun learning experience? Do you ever find your mind divided when purchasing any items? This is what is highly likely to happen when you go out to buy a tablet. There are numerous kids’ tablet brands that pop up each day in the electronics retail market, and this may get you a little confused, right?
Worry no more! Here are tips that will help you when deciding on what is the best tablet to buy, for our kids’ fun learning experience.

 Factors to Consider, When Seeking the Best Tablets for our Kids’ Learning?

Do you understand the essence of the top-rated kids’ tablet features to consider in a purchase? Here are hints for you:

 The best tablets for your kids should be customizable

Kids’ tablets are designed for specific purposes, which include education and fun learning facilitation. However, these fun learning devices need to be used by children whose ages vary between 3 and 9 years. As such, they have to be tailor-made to be either self-adjustable to the kids’ level of understanding and age or be able to get uploaded with new and age-appropriate content.

Therefore, when seeking a tablet for our kids’ fun learning experience, avoid tablets with fixed and unchangeable content because such a tablet will not empower your loved ones with progressive learning.

 Ideal tablets for children are portable

You already know that tablets are more portable than books. But some commercially available tablets may seem bulky and oversized for the small palms of your kid, which are not used to handling heavy items.

Therefore, perfect fun learning tablets for your children should be lightweight. You don’t want to burden your young kid with a heavy backpack to school. Would you?

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LeapPad Epic Academy Edition Fun Learning  Tablet!!
  • Top-notch, sturdy, and durable kids’ tablets should have a protective cover

How often do your kids drop fragile items such as expensive chinaware or glass plates and cups? It sure does happen a lot. Can you be comfortable when a fragile and expensive learning tool is in the feeble hands of your child? I am sure you wouldn’t.

Buying a protective cover or at least buying a tablet with a protective cover is the perfect solution to your worries. With these thick rubber covers, you will be sure that the tablet is safe from hard drops, bangs, and even scratches or liquid.

Kid-safe tablets should have parental controls

Can you imagine your kid logging onto the internet and getting free access to all sites? With such a possibility comes the worry about cyberbullying, obscenities, nudity, and graphic content that may be traumatizing to your young loved ones.

Additionally, if used devoid of any control, children are likely to overindulge in the playing of games even beyond sleeping time. Therefore, as a wise parent, always choose a fun learning tablet with parental control features that allow you to control what your kid can access and for how long they can do that.

The best tablets have the ability to transform with the growth of your kids

Just like any other item, apps and games can become boring and tiresome after extensive usage or once your child outgrows the content. This may prompt you to buy a new version of a tablet. To avoid such additional costs, always go for tablets that can allow you to upload new content and delete old content so as to make sure that what your child has is age-appropriate.

 A kid-safe web browser is a must-have for best kid’s tablets

A useful tablet should allow your kid to connect to the internet where they can get new apps and games for their fun learning tablets. Also, such connections allow them to network with other children and share content and learning materials.

However, such connections should be controllable to prevent access to inappropriate online content, which may expose your loved one to nudity, graphic content, and cyberbullying.

The picture of a student standing at the forefront of a hi-tech board articlating chemistry formulas.
The Conclusion of Your Child’s Early Academic Headstart  Will Look Something Like This. Hopefully, There Should Not Be As Much of a Problem Deciding The Best Tablet To Buy, For Our Kid’s Fun Learning Experience!!

 A perfect kid’s tablets should be easy to use

Tablets designed for fun learning among children aged between 3 and 9 should have simple navigation systems, which can allow your children to play, without constant help. As such, they should have simplified user interfaces, and you can only ascertain that a tablet has this capacity by trying to use it before buying it.

 The best tablets have a positive brand history

When buying your child a tablet, you are likely to encounter numerous brands of tablets with common features. But the actual value of each brand lies in learning how it is effective in actual use.

Therefore, it is prudent to make a few searches on all the brands available, and if possible, read or get some customer reviews on these brands so as to ascertain their quality.

Therefore, it is advisable to avoid any tablet brands with many negative reviews or a negative history as pertains to quality.

 Internal and external hardware and software specifications

In addition to the above-cited considerations, the perfect fun learning tablet for your kid should have a fast processor speed, large memory capacity, a sizable screen with a high resolution, and long battery life.

These additional features to consider determine how much information (Storage), games, or apps you can store on the tablet and how long you can go without charging it (battery life) as well as how fast it can run its operations without hanging or slowing down your child’s activities (processor speed). A large screen with a high resolution allows your child to have a better viewership of the visual content.

Conclusion: Choosing the Best Tablet to Buy, for our Kids’ Fun Learning Experience?

Understanding the advantages of buying the best fun learning tablet for your children will grant you significant confidence in the making of your purchases. Implementing the right and timely purchase decision about your future kids’ tablets is rather tricky.

But this process can be simplified if you get armed with the right kind of information. Go out today with a list of all these important features and let the list help you in making the right purchase decision, which will give your kid a perfect tablet gift.

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What is the best tablet to guy for kids. The colorful illustration of a traffic signal on green, stating yes.

This article, as well as each and everyone within this Blog, has been a pleasure articulating for the benefit of every viewer to gain the knowledge to move forward with the confidence that they are seeking for their child’s early academic headstart.

Please feel free to leave your most valuable comments below for everyone to engage with and gather more knowledge for their children’s best interests. Sincerely, Jack Butler, founder of funlearningdevices.com

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  1. roamy

    Hello Jack
    thanks so much for sharing, this is really helpful, I`m one of the old school and know almost nothing about tablets, but a cousin asked for a tablet for his 5th birthday” to learn he said” and I was feeling confused what to get him and that`s how I landed on your site.
    Now you say tablets are more affordable learning for toddlers and are paperless, what I`m worried of is handwriting skills as a 5-year-old is just learning to write his A, B, Cs do you think this will influence poor writing skills?
    What really surprise me is the price tag for these tablets, not exactly affordable i^d say. Having said that, what would you recommend, something robust, that can withstand spills, breaks(thinking of toddler tantrums here).
    Really appreciate you`ve just saved me a long unfruitful search as I know totally nothing about learning tablets till I read your well-explained post.

    1. Jack

      Thank you Roamy, for your valuable and engaging comment’s on What is The Best Tablet to Buy, For Our Kid’s Fun Learning Experience, as they are so vital for the growth of this Blog. First of all, there are capabilities within the LeapPad product’s that will allow your child to engage with their writing skill’s, also these tablet’s are tumbler tested for durability, there is additional screen protector’s available as well, these leapfrog tablet’s range from 80to 140 dollar’s. I hope to hear from you soon, Jack

  2. Linda

    It caught my attention when you mentioned that it was easier than laptops and PCs. I sometimes struggle with tablets. Not sure if it’s because I’m not that visual or something like not well with hand-eye coordination. I know, it is weird, right? But you make good points, and Surely these tablet’s offer a great fun learning experience.

    1. Jack

      Thank you, Linda, for your valuable comments on What Is The Best Tablet’s To Buy, For Our Kid’s Fun learning Experience, as they are so important for the growth of this site. I hope to hear from you soon, sincerely, Jack

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