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What Is The Best Android Tablets Reviewing The Beneve, Samsung Galaxy, LeapFrog & Amazon Fire HD Tabs

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 Guide To Effective Leaning: All You Need To Know!

Technology has been evolving over the past few years at an incredible rate. After a period of improvements and refinement, fun learning tablet has become the best solution to learning curves, — that gives our kids the best opportunity to excel. Are your kids ready to disrupt their learning experience with tech?
Discover the top-rated, early learning tablets, which will grow with your kids, that will see them excel even beyond the elementary school. Also, replacing the tablet every year is expensive. So, it is essential that you find a robust, durable, effective and excellent device for your child’s early learning and preteen experience.
What is the best android tablets? This review will lead you to your heart-felt decision’s — Here is a comprehensive list of educator-approved gadgets that will give nothing less than success!

Product: Amazon Fire HD 8, Kids Edition Tablet

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Best Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Guarantee: 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

My Rating: 8.4 of 10 stars

With the high quality of services, Fire HD 8 tablet kids edition tablet will help you save up to $ 144.
Also, the device comes with a kid-proof case plus a warranty of two years. With the warranty, you can take it back to the manufacturer in case the tablet fails to function well or breaks down within the stipulated time.
The gadget has an amazing 8″ HD display that will give you great pictures and videos.

With a whopping 32 GB as internal storage, you can add a microSD card with a storage space of up to 400GB. The tablet boasts of a 1.5 GB RAM and 1.3 GHz quad-core processor giving you a swift movement in internet connection. Are you tired of a tablet whose battery life is less than 4 hours? Worry not; this tech will double up the battery period by serving you for 10 hours of play with no fear of the tablet going off.
With a whole year of free unlimited time, your kid can access over 21,000 kid-friendly games, videos, music, apps, and much more content. The surprising fact about the subscription is that you can easily unsubscribe without any time. In case you want to continue with the offer, it will auto-renew monthly starting with a fee of only $2.9 plus the taxation that applies to the product.

Have you ever thought of your kids learning a new language? The device has introduced the Spanish content in their free time unlimited. Now your kids can learn about the Spanish language by being able to access over 1000 Spanish apps, movies, books, and much more.

For the Spanish fluent kids, it is to their advantage as they will enjoy the apps and games in the language they understand better. Give your children millions of minutes flowing with inspirational, fun, and educational music, audiobooks, and games. Due to the tablet’s ability to access libraries like Netflix and Minecraft

With the tablet, you can efficiently manage the time spent on the device, create educational goals for your kid’s early learning experience, and also restrict access to age-inappropriate content. All these can only be achieved by easy-to-use parental control.

You can set your parental control on the device and even through an Amazon Parent Dashboard. By doing so, the adult content can only be accessed by inserting the created passcode.

For you and your child to be able to fully access every moment, the tablet boasts 2MP back camera and VGA front camera plus 720p HD video recording.
For easy and fast connectivity, the device has dual-band Wi-Fi.
Your child can enjoy music or watch movies by the powerful dual stereo speakers plus. Dolby Atmos and a built-in microphone are also present. And what is the best android tablets? — this review will lead you to your heart-felt decisions’

Product: Amazon Fire HD 10, Kid Edition Tablet

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Best Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Guarantee: 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

My Rating: 8.3 of 10 stars

The Amazon Fire HD 10, Kids Edition comes with one full year of entertainment as a result of the Free Unlimited Time. In addition to the offer, enjoy up to $ 119 saving on the purchase. With unlimited free time, your child can access tonnes of fun and age-appropriate content. From the inspirational music and books, entertaining games, and educational apps.
The device will give your kid a quiet time with no fear of breaking down due to the presence of the kid-proof case that comes with the tablet. In case of any breakage or misfunctioning of the device, there is a two-year warranty that will aid your tablet replacement.
The gadget has an internal storage of 32 GB and an impressive 10.1″ 1080p full HD display. Also, the device has a long battery life of up to 10 hours of use. Your child should not worry anymore.
In case the available space is not enough, a microSD card of up to 256GB can be added without negatively affecting the performance of the device.
With free time-unlimited, your kids can enjoy over 1,000 apps, movies, and books in Spanish. This can be a learning platform for the kids that are learning about the Spanish language. Whereas for the children that better understand the language, the tablet gives them a chance to enjoy the fun in the language they know better.
This edition of the tablet has the clearest display plus an 802.11ac dual-band WI-FI. Therefore your kid will seamlessly stream content, play games, and watch full HD videos with ease. Additionally, it has over 2M pixels, Dolby Audio, and stereo speakers that add class to the already adorable device.
Your child shall enjoy watching age-appropriate content from your libraries like Minecraft and Netflix.
You can now filter kid-friendly age-appropriate content, manage content usage and internet surfing, create educational goals for your kids, and set screen time limits.
The parental control can be set on the Amazon Parental Dashboard or even on the gadget itself. By doing so, you can protect them from accessing age-inappropriate content by establishing a secret password.

Product: LeapPad Academy Edition

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Best Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Guarantee: see manufacturer Warranty

My Rating: 7.9 of 10 Stars

Being the top tablet, LeapPad epic seven is going to start an endless learning platform and creative plays to your kids. The Android-based device is the most advanced tablet in the LeapFrog series of production. Therefore, kids of between 3-9 years of age are catered for well.
You can now manage how long your child shall spend on the device, what they are doing, and what they are supposed to do with the help of parental control.
The tablet has an Audio: 3.5 mm stereo jack with the microphone, 480p video recorder, Bluetooth 4.0 and 6+ hours of battery life. The tablet boasts of the “Just for Me” learning tech that can personalize the selected games that can challenge kids as they grow up.
The tablet has over 20 kid-friendly apps and kid-safe websites via the LeapSearch browser. And as the child matures, you can easily download other sites that are suitable for your kid.
For the protection of the tablet against the child’s mishandling, the table comes with a protective bumper case and shatter-safe LCD screen for protection from bumps and drops. Also, there is a 16GB memory storage capacity, a robust quad-core processor and 2MP cameras, and much more!

Product: LeapPad Epic Academy Edition

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Best Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Guarantee: see manufacturer Warranty

My Rating: 4.2 of 5 stars

With the tablet, your kids can access the LeapFrog Academy with no restrictions. What does this mean? Your child will be among thousands of kids who will enjoy the new learning subscription offered by the LeapFrog company. Use this device to give your kid the once in a lifetime experience!
With hundreds of apps, music, games, and videos the LeapFrog library is voted as an award-winning library. Your kid will, therefore, access the world-class library, and I bet, your kid’s performance will never be the same again.
As a parent, the tablet gives you the power to add other features, for instance, Android apps, Netflix, and webs as your child grows. By doing so, you will be able to provide your kids with what is necessary for their age. It will in return boost their social, emotional, and academic skills in return. By doing so, you will be creating a strong foundation for the healthy development of the child.
The tablet can restrict access to age-inappropriate content. By doing so, your children will be safe while using the tablet. Accessing the inappropriate content might create confusion for the kid, therefore, negatively affecting the kid’s social, emotional, and educational development at large.
With a customizable home screen, your kid can add stickers, create an environment, animations, and much more. By doing so, their creativity grows, and they can easily express themselves. Therefore, with a creative mind, your kid can create incredible stuff.
The device also has a bumper that is removable in case need be and returned. With a shatter-safe case, your kid’s device is safe from screen cracking which is dangerous to the children.
1024×600 resolution will give you the most adorable pictures on that multi-touch capacitive screen. Therefore, be sure of the fact that your kids will experience the highest level of fun on their screen. So, what is the best android tablets? — this review will lead you to your heart-felt decisions.
Worry no more about the storage capacity of the device. Why? Because the tablet comes with a whole 16GB memory plus an expandable SD card slot for an external storage base. The device has a 4.4 android version which is OS-based plus a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor.
For your kid to capture every moment, the tablet has two cameras for video recording and picture taking. It will help your children save their childhood memories.
For easier internet surfing the tablet can be connected to Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/h. Therefore, your kid will be able to do online research in case need be or download apps and games through the WI-FI with ease.

With a lithium-ion battery, the device can be recharged once the battery goes off.

Your kids’ learning will not be interfered with by the device; instead, it will add value to their education through learning apps, videos, and games.

Product: Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids Tablet

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Best Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Guarantee: see manufacturer Warranty

My Rating: 8.1 of 10

With Samsung Galaxy Tab E Kids Tablet, your kids shall be able to access trustable content from Sesame Street, DreamWorks animation, and much more.
The tablet also opens the door for hundreds of entertaining and engaging Samsung kid’s content. The Samsung kid-oriented content aligns with everyday core curriculum activities and STEM. Therefore, be sure that your kid will be involved with nothing but the best.
The tablet has a high processor speed GHz quad-core. Also, the tablet is known for its extended-lasting battery that will take your kids for hours without fear of going off.
With this tablet, you will be able to manage the time spent on the device, choose the kind of app to be accessed, and monitor the progress of your child.

Product: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7

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Best Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Guarantee: see manufacturer Warranty

My Rating: 8.0 of 5 Stars

Are you looking for a lightweight tablet? Samsung Galaxy Tab A is the device you should purchase. With this tablet, your kids can comfortably play with no fear of the tablet going off. It’s because of the long-lasting rechargeable battery that can survive for ten good hours. Therefore, you can even use the tablet on a family or class trip.
The tablet has a dual camera for taking videos and pictures. To make sure you capture every moment confident of your storage space, the tablet has an 8GB space plus you can add a micro-SD card of up to 200GB.
It has an in-built radio app where your kids can listen to different radio channels. Many other apps can be accessed via the Samsung Galaxy essentials.

The 7.0-inch device comes packaged with a micro-USB cable and a travel adapter.

Your child can access educational content by subscription to Samsung Kids. From this app, your kids shall be exposed to their school curriculum. Plus, you can also control what your kids get access to and how long they spend on the device by the easy-to-use parental control. During the free month of starter pack content for Samsung Kids that comes with every purchase of the tablet, you can use parental control to monitor them.
The tablet has a 7″ PLS TFT Multi-Touchscreen Display (1280 x 800) plus a Quad-Core 1.3GHz and 1.5 GB RAM. The tablet can also access WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, and your child can freely share documents via Bluetooth 4.0. Go on and let your child enjoy the android 5.1 lollipop version!

Product: Beneve 10.1 in 1080 p Full HD

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Best Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Guarantee: see manufacturer Warranty

My Rating: 8.3 of 5 Stars

With the Beneve 10.1 in 1080 p Full HD, the portability issue is sorted out. The 7.1 android version is ultra-slim therefore very light.
The device boasts of having a super IPS screen that has a 1080p Full HD display (1820×1200).
With a rear camera of 5million pixels and a front camera of 2 million pixels, every picture that was taken or video recorded shall be a memorable one.
The tablet has 32GB internal storage, and you can also add external memory from a micro SD card of up to 64 GB. It will help you store more pictures, movies, and much more. Control what your kid gets access to through parental control. With the in-built IWAWA app, you can choose a parental control that can suit your kid’s needs. So, what is the best android tablets? — this review will lead you to your heart-felt decision’s
Your kids will freely play with their tablets due to the Kid-Proof Case whose primary duty is protection. It is made of silicone material; the case is lightweight, durable, and resistant to bumps and drops.
After purchase, you will have an 18-month warranty plus technical support of a lifetime.

Final Thought On Android Devices

The call to digital learning has transformed the entire educational sector. Our children are now finding learning engaging and interactive with the tech system. Are you planning to make your kids learning excellent? Do their learning curves make you worried? You don’t have to freak anymore?

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This product review within the Best Android Tablets review post has been another amazing growth of knowledge factor, that allows us to continue to move forward with the most beneficial content for our amazing visitors.

With this been said, it has been nothing short of a true pleasure to articulate this post for every parent or guardian that is sincerely trying to elevate their child’s early learning platform.

Please always feel free to leave your ever so important and engaging comments below, as they are the foundation of the growth of our site in so many ways, as that truly includes me.

One of the most valued goals of our learning blog is to return all questions within a reasonable timeframe, if this not occur, I assure you that we are taking every measure to evaluate the most relevant content to achieve the answers that you are seeking for your child’s early academic headstart, with a fun learning device and your heartfelt intervention.

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16 thoughts on “What Is The Best Android Tablets Reviewing The Beneve, Samsung Galaxy, LeapFrog & Amazon Fire HD Tabs

  1. los

    Hi Jack,

    Thanks so much for this article about the best Android tablets. I really enjoyed reading it and learned a lot. My favorite of the tables that you presented is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7. I am pretty sure that this will be my final choice.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Jack

      Thank you, Los, for your very important comments within our fun learning devices blog, as they are a true virtue of the growth of our site in so many ways. I am pleased to hear how you have decided to choose the Samsung Galaxy Tab a tablet, as it is effective and affordable. I hope everything goes well, I will be hearing from you soon, sincerely, Jack

  2. Barbara

    I love your review and it came at a time I really needed it. I have to buy a present for my nephew and I know the one thing that would make him happy would be a tablet but I have never been too keen on this because I think kids nowadays spend way too much time hooked up on these devices. After reading your review you completely changed my mind. I never thought of looking at it as a learning tool and I love the idea especially with languages that kids can be stimulated in learning a new language using something they really love. Well I am going to order one straight away and I think my nephew has you to thank for it.

    1. Jack

      Thank you, Barbara, for your amazing and well-thought comments within our What is The Best Android Tablets post, as they are so vital for the ongoing growth of our site in so many ways. it is a true pleasure to hear how valuable our content has been for our visitors, as our goal is to deliver the most relevant content to help every parent make the most effective decisions for their children’s fun learning experience, with a tablet. I hope to hear from you soon, sincerely, Jack

  3. Nuttanee

    It is truly amazing that there are so many learning gadgets that cater to children at a reasonable price. I remembered back in the days, the learning device for kids were so expensive and very limited. You had to buy the manufacturer floppy disk to operate and the screen was simi-color, lol I bet if I tell kids about the floppy disk they would be confused. The Amazon fire looks really promising. The price is very reasonable with amazing battery life as well. The best part is that it comes with the case and a 2-year warranty. Will share your post to my sister in law, she has 2 boys and expecting one more, this device can really give her a break while the kids can learn something from it. Thanks for the review.

    1. Jack

      Thank you, Nuttenee, for your ongoing interaction within our children’s fun learning devices blog, as you have become a true icon of the growth of our site. It is always a true pleasure to give you and every visitor the insight that they are seeking. I hope to hear from you soon, sincerely, Jack

  4. Cris

    Well, I’m back. As you said, technology is ever evolving, and my son needs an upgrade. I’ve long been an Amazon fan, and we have had a few Kindle products already. Having been to your site before, I wanted to return to see if you had any suggestions on new tablets. What do you know!? You do! 

    This gives me a good place to review prior to making a decision on the next product. Thanks for doing the hard work (the research), and providing your thoughts for us readers to make a faster decision.

    1. Jack

      Thank you always, Cris, for your ongoing engagment within our fun learning devices blog, as you have been a true foundation to our sites development and knowledge aspect in so many ways. I am not really sure of your sons age, however when you tell me that you need to upgrade I am guessing he is a little older, with that been said, I would look into some of the Samsung products, perhaps the Tab 7, whatever you decide, please always remember to do your research on the parental support systems as well. I hope to hear from you soon, sincerely, Jack

  5. Idara

    The Amazon fire 10 for Kids as I’ve experienced is quite suitable for parental guidance, with educational games, adequate memory. The long battery life ensures it can be used for hours with charging. The expandable memory too is more than adequate for storage. The article is quite explicit and details to enable anyone makes a choice on the fun gadget to buy considering cost and performance

    1. Jack

      Thank you, Idara, for your amazing and ever som important comments within our children’s fun learning devices post, as they are a true virtue of the growth of our site in so many ways. I am always so pleased to hear of just how beneficial our content has been for our loyal and first-time visitors Idara. I hope to hear from you soon, sincerely, Jack


    This is an educative post that will be helpful to all parents. We are in the world of technology, where almost all things are computerized, getting a child an android tablet like  Fire HD 8 tablet kids edition  won’t only educate the child but also allow the child to access libraries, ebooks, and articles that will serve as means of motivation to learn. The GB ram size is really cool as it will contain a lot of downloadable materials. The price is very affordable. 

    Thanks for this beautiful post, have learned a lot   even as an adult .

    1. Jack

      Thank you, Labulo, for your ongoing interaction and comments within our children’s fun learning devices blog, within the What is the Best Android Tablets post, as you have become a true asset to our sites health in so many  ways. It is always a true pleasure to hear of our visitor’s testimony  on how effective these fun learning tablets have been, as well on how beneficial the content has been for your best decisions, for your children’s early learning platform. I hope to hear from you soon, sincerely, Jack

  7. Rick


    My honest opinion is as follows. Technology is advancing and here to stay. Every child shall be required to use it in some form or another. That said good discretion with directions, limits and parental involvement in what children are able to access is a MUST. These (most) in the post are directed specifically for the children. Except of course the Samsung tablet you mention. Kids are allowed too much screen time nowadays and it is a detriment to their growth and envelopment in my opinion. Some are good, a monitor is a must but too much is bad for them. Ha, made me want to go buy myself one. Probably will be based on this recommendation.  .I love my Galaxy Note 9 and now I want a 10 inch Samsung tablet thanks to your great writing an article.


    Living, Loving, Laughing, Learning


    1. Jack

      Thank you, Rick, for your very important and engaging comments  within our children’s fun learning blog, on the what is the Best Android tablet’s post, as they are surely the main element of the growth of our site in so many ways. It is always great to receive our visitor’s insight on their agreements and disagreements, as this builds my foundation for content. I hope to hear from you soon, sincerely, Jack

  8. Queen

    Thanks for this compilation Jack, I truly see some great work that has bee done here, I am glad to see my kids tablet stands at #2. Not too bad I did say and now I am even rest assures we made a good choice buying that.

    I totally agree with you when it comes to durability and battery life, the tablet is so strong that no matter how much it drops or gets out of its casing, nothing ever goes wrong and the battery lasts as long as forever. 

    But what I personally don’t like is that When I tried to register this tablet on each of my child’s name I realized Amazon transferred the contents of the old tablet they had, onto the new ones making each of their tablets have contents from an old One I didn’t want them to.

    And I realized the only thing I can do to make it uniquely personal for each person will have to be creating individual Amazon account for each person.

    I just didn’t think that was necessary, but it would have been better if they made the transfer optional. ( My opinion though)

    Aside that, I think the tablet is really great


    1. Jack

      Thank you, Queen, for your amazing heartfelt  comments within our fun learning devices blog, on the, What is the best android tablet post, as they are the main factor of the growth of our site, and that certainly includes my personal growth as well. I am always pleased to hear how beneficial our content is for everyone, and where your tablets stand for your child’s fun learning experience. I hope to hear from you soon, sincerely, Jack

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