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Introduction to the Best Outcome: LeapFrog-LeapPad Learning Tablets

The LeapPad family has been known for there kid-tested and educator developed and endorsed fun learning tablets. These early learning devices have been run through tumblers to ensure their durability can be handed down to your next child.

The educator development and endorsement comes directly from the LeapPad staff of hand-picked educators that have developed the learning app’s, for the best outcome of your child’s early learning development, that will lead them into there headstart with confidence.

Educator-approved games and apps*

Choose from hundreds of fun learning games, eBooks, apps, videos, music and more—designed by learning experts, just for children! Our learning library draws from 2,600 skills beyond core subject areas.

LeapFrog-LeapPad 3, Very Affordable Top Rated Learning Tablet!!

As you probably know that when our children build confidence, this will lead them to a fun learning environment, that can only create their academic future, with endless and amazing results.

Skills for School
and Beyond

The LeapFrog® App Center fosters a love of learning while preparing kids for school by going beyond core skills. It provides a personalized learning experience that covers everything from STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) to creativity and social understanding.

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As studies have revealed, when children have fun it creates motivation to move forward in whatever they are doing, this is true for education as well, perhaps even more so. The LeapPad fun Learning tablets will be the answer to create this sought after environment, as your children actually look forward to engaging these learning apps!!

1,000+ games & apps

Access our learning library of educational games, eBooks, videos and more—designed or approved by learning experts.*

LeapFrog-LeapPad 3, Affordable Fun Learning Tablet, You-Tube Video

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LeapFrog-LeapPad, Insurance of Great Parental Controls

As you may already now LeapPad products are well known for the best in parental control, which will definitely give you more of a piece of mind when you are not available to engage your child with there learning time within these fun learning devices.

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LeapPad Epic 7, Affordable Android Based Learning Tablet!!

These controls can monitor what they are engaging with, how much time should be spent on games and or learning apps. Remember many of the games are fundamental learning structures, which creates the fun learning concept, this will lead them into an academic headstart that will place them ahead of others, then perhaps create some leadership ability with the want to help others.

Educator-approved games and apps*

Choose from hundreds of fun learning games, eBooks, apps, videos, music and more—designed by learning experts, just for children! Our learning library draws from 2,600 skills beyond core subject areas.

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The LeapPad family has introduced some of the best android tablets available on the market today, certainly, the potential of these fun learning tablets will be endless, when the world of touchscreen technology lift’s them into the era of a hi-tech environment, that has endless opportunities.

LeapFrog Epic™ Android Based Kids Tablet

Ages 3-9 yrs.

Explore. Play. Imagine. Create.

LeapFrog’s most advanced Android-based tablet, uniquely designed to grow with your child, to ignite endless learning and creative play.

Explore The Tactics Of Creating Safety For Your Child.

Best tablets with parental controls are today’s fun learning devices that are safer and more effective than ever!! Therefore, for your child to enjoy safe schooling, ensure you master the following steps.

These Educators Endorsed fun Tablets are Highly Trusted, Especially with you at Their Side

LeapPad Epic Academy    LeapPad Platinum           LeapPad Explorer


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 For Your Child’s Healthiest Choice For Their Early Learning Headstart!!

 LeapFrog-LeapPad Tablets, Have The Best Parental Features Available!!

   LeapPad Ultra                        LeapPad Epic 7         LeapFrog-LeapPad 3


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For More Knowledge On Your Favorite Choice of Fun Learning Tablets!!

 The LeapPad Jr


The LeapPad Jr is particularly built to provide a safe, simple and effective learning experience for children aged between 3 to 7 years. Unlike other similar gadgets, the LeapPad Jr doesn’t offer access to the internet, as it only focuses on teaching essential skills such as basic counting, adding and reading.


– The LeapPad Jr has a shock-absorbing frame, enclosing a 5” shatter-safe screen. This means that it is practically impossible for a toddler or young child to break this gadget. Instead, it is likely that your child will keep his or her tablet (good as new) for a long the duration of its use, regardless of any possible drops.

– All LeapPad Jr content is accessible to kids in the prescribed age range. Moreover, the games and other applications are specifically targeted at young kids. Children no longer have to navigate through a list of options that will comprise inaccessible games or unrelatable videos. Instead, the LeapPad Jr ensures it is a safe pick for the parent of any child within the toddler to young child age range.


The LeapPad Jr is a very basic device; since it doesn’t provide access to the internet, little can be done to diversify its use. Instead, children will have to stick to the same games for the duration of their use, or parents will be required to install specific apps using the LeapFrog online platform. This can be particularly tedious for parents, who will be required to constantly keep up with their kids’ familiarity levels with all apps in order to keep updating them.

Our Thoughts

The LeapPad Jr provides a classic, toy-gadget experience for young ones. Though it lacks in innovative features, it is incredibly resistant and easy to use. If you are looking for a toy that your child will enjoy bringing everywhere, with no risk of damage, this is a great option for you. Some believe the simpler, the better – and this tablet may be a primary example of basic functionalities serving our children best.

The Conclusion Will Result in an Academic Outcome of Endless Possibilities

As we are the guardian’s of our children’s academic structure and outcome, I feel that it is very essential to create goal’s with our children at the earliest age as possible, this will give them the understanding and edge that they need, and will gain through our trust and interaction.

Remember our kids are playing with these gadgets sometime’s even before they can even walk and talk, so why would we consider waiting to set goals with their interaction, this is a fundamental concept, that has alway’s reaped a better outcome.

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