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The Best Learning Tablet For Kids Establishing Academic Success With a Fun Learning Device

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 How To Find The Best Deals On The Best Tablets For Kids

Advancements in technology have impacted all sectors of society, including health, education, sports, agriculture, and finance. However, out of all these spheres, the education sector has experienced the greatest impact of this technological revolution than any other.

This has led to the introduction of devices for learning and other hi-tech gadgets not only in schools but also at home.

More and more parents are realizing the need to introduce their kids to technology early, in view of all the technological alterations that are happening in the world today. Following these developments, the popularity of tablets for kids and other gadgets for learning has increased ten-fold in recent years.

Discerning Your Concern With Your Childs First Tablet

Despite the rising popularity of these devices for learning, most parents still worry if tablets are the right educational tools for their children. Having been raised up in an era where technological devices were still in their formative years, it takes time to convince some parents about the benefits of these devices.

However, those who are already convinced about these innovative devices face many challenges finding the best tablets for kids. Furthermore, some people have a false impression that all technological devices, including tablets, are extremely expensive, not knowing that these devices are fairly affordable and readily available.

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You do not require a degree in sales and marketing to find great deals on tablets for kids. All you need is a little info about the specifications to look for, the different types of tablets available in the market, pricing, and where to find these devices conveniently.

If you are in the market for a learning tool for your child, then you have come to the right place. We are going to show you how to find the best tablets’ for kids’-more great deals for learning devices.

Types of Tablets for Kids

The topic of tablets is rather broad, especially when it comes to classifying them into several categories. With so many options as far as selecting the best tablets for kids is concerned, parents can sometimes get confused about which product to choose. Nevertheless, for simplicity purposes, tablets for kids can be classified into two categories. These include:

• Stand Alone Tablets
• Convertible Tablets

• Stand Alone Tablets

A stand-alone tablet is a hi-tech device that comes in the form of an oversized smartphone or a mini laptop. It consists of a huge sensitive touchscreen and features a handful of buttons for enhanced control and flexibility. It also comes with a traditional charging connector and an inbuilt battery for extended performance.

Typically weighing less than 2 pounds, with a slim, sleek design, standalone tablets are not only super compact but also extremely portable. This type of tablet is relatively powerful and it is tailored for specific tasks such as drawing, fine art, and graphic design.

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Understanding The Simplicity of a Fun Learning Tablet!!

Although it may be deemed to be a complex device for professional artists, this tablet can also be used by kids, especially those that have an interest in art and design. So, if you are looking for one of the best tablets for kids that come with more advanced features, then consider acquiring a standalone tablet.

• Convertible Tablets

A convertible tablet is a highly advanced device that can easily transform from a laptop into a tablet whenever the need arises. You will be forgiven for confusing this learning device for a conventional laptop. In essence, it is a 2-in-1 device that combines the flexibility of a laptop with the convenience of a tablet.

This type of tablet comes with an interactive touchscreen interface, a powerful processor, a robust operating system, and a handful of accessories.

A convertible tablet for kids may feature a detachable keyboard or come with a full-sized notebook device. When detached from a keyboard, this device works exactly like a standalone tablet. Amazingly, convertible tablets are just as compact and portable as standalone tablets.

Specifications to Look for When Searching For More Great Deals on Tablets

Finding a great deal on the best tablets for kids is certainly not a walk in the park. This is because the type of tablet that you choose must work in the best interests of your child’s educational needs. For this reason, it is imperative that you first establish your child’s educational goals before setting out to look for an appropriate tablet.

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Different tablets come with different specifications tailored to suit a variety of needs and preferences. Some of the key specifications that you should consider when buying a tablet for your kids include:

• Operating System
• Processors
• RAM (Random Access Memory)
• Disk Space
• Size
• Battery Life
• Preloaded Content

Operating System (OS)
When buying a tablet for your kids, always consider the type of operating system installed. Tablets work just like computers and must have an operating system installed for them to function.

The OS controls everything, including the operation of applications and the processing of instructions. In essence, it determines the overall performance of the tab as far as the execution of various functions is concerned. Always opt for a tab with the latest OS version to ensure enhanced flexibility and maximum performance.

The three most common types of operating systems for tablets include:

1. iOS

iOS is an operating system tailored for Apple mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. The latest version of this operating system is the iOS9 and it comes with a number of preloaded apps, games, and a variety of cutting-edge features.

2. Android

This is the most common, perhaps the most popular operating system for tablets and other mobile devices. Owned by Google, this OS comes with tons of features to suit the ever-changing demands of everyday users. Google updates Android OS annually with the latest version being Android 7.0 Nougat.

3. Windows 10

Owned by Microsoft, Windows 10 is an operating system designed for both computers and mobile devices. This latest Windows OS is widely acclaimed for its flexibility and ease of use. However, it is more common in convertible tablets rather than standalone tablets considering the fact that some applications require the use of a keyboard and mouse.


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Another point to consider when buying a tablet is the processor. Different tablets come with different processors. The most common processors include Apple A4, Intel Atom, AMD Accelerated Processor, and Intel Core among many others.

Some tablets come with multiple processors for enhanced power and performance. Just as the name implies, the processor receives input and provides an appropriate output as per instructions.

How fast the processor executes these instructions depends on the make and speed. Obviously, you wouldn’t want a device that hangs frequently. Therefore, you purchase a tablet that comes with a fast processor for the swift execution of instructions.

RAM – Random Access Memory

The Random Access Memory is the working memory that temporarily stores data that is in use. It determines if your tablet can perform multiple tasks and processes simultaneously without affecting total system performance negatively.

When selecting a tablet for your kids, always opt for a device that comes with a higher RAM capacity. This is because kids love to multitask; one moment they are listening to music while playing their favorite game. The next moment they are browsing the internet, while an app is downloading in the background. RAM options for tablets range from 1GB to 4GB.

Disk Space

A good tablet should have enough storage capacity for additional apps, games, educational programs, eBooks and other files and data. Most standalone tablets for kids come with an average storage capacity ranging between 8GB and 32GB but can go up to 128GB on the upper end.

Convertible tablets, on the other hand, have much higher storage capacities ranging from as low as 64GB to as high as 256GB. Selecting the appropriate size might be confusing at first, but once you learn about your kids’ academic goals, then making a perfect choice will not be a problem.

You should also check on the expandability of the device such that the storage can be upgraded to a much higher capacity whenever the need arises.


Does size really matter? The size of the tablet is determined by the dimension of the touchscreen and the thickness of the case. Screen sizes usually range from 6 inches to 18 inches depending on the brand of the tablet. The appropriate size depends on the purpose of the tablet and the age of your kid.


If the purpose of the tablet is to perform detailed tasks, then a larger screen would be appropriate. Older kids also prefer tablets that come with large displays, for watching videos and viewing images. Generally, kids tend to be careless. For this reason, the tablet that you acquire for them should not be bulky.

Battery Life

The moment you bring that tablet home, you should expect your kids to play around with it all day long. Bearing this in mind, you should select a tablet that comes with a reasonable battery.

Some tablets come with batteries that can last for more than 15 hours, while others only go for 4 hours. Although battery life varies greatly, a good battery should last for at least 7 hours of continuous use. This will ensure that your kids enjoy hours of uninterrupted fun and excitement.

Preloaded Content

Tablets for kids often come with hundreds of preloaded kid-friendly content. Furthermore, all the major operating systems installed in tablets offer avenues for downloading or purchasing different types of kid-friendly apps, games, music, and various educational programs.

You should be able to verify the content to ensure that it is appropriate for your kids. Fortunately, most kids’ tablets come with educator-approved apps and you can also utilize parental controls to filter out any inappropriate content.

Can Tablets Really Improve Your Kids’ Learning Experience?

The biggest worry that a parent can have is whether acquiring an educational tablet can really help improve their kids’ academic fortunes. Well, while these reservations might be valid, they are somehow misplaced. The world has evolved tremendously to the extent that everything now revolves around technology.

In order to get the best out of your kids, it is advisable that you introduce them to the world of technology early. The best way to do so is through the use of tablets.

The picture of a teacher and her students engaging their early learning tablet.

Today’s tablets are not just entertainment gadgets and playing tools; they are hi-tech devices that can be used as learning tools. They come with a wide range of apps and programs tailored to train your kid to become a critical thinker from a very tender age.

These devices are extremely intuitive and they tend to lead your child to learn on their own. What is more appealing is that learning tablets are also interactive. Whenever your child issues a directive to the device, it responds accordingly.

In a kid’s world, learning is all about exploring and discovering what the world has to offer. Educational tablets come with various apps such as Google Maps that allows kids to take a trip around the world without leaving the comfort of their seats.

When it comes to improving language and communication skills, nothing beats the effectiveness of educational tablets. From vowels to letters of the alphabet, tablets come with everything that a kid will need to learn how to communicate.

With most tablets Wi-Fi enabled, browsing the internet has never been safer. You can keep an eye on what your kid is browsing by enabling parental controls and other security measures.

Conclusion on Best Tablets for Kids

In a world where the demand for tech literate individuals is growing by the day, acquiring a tablet for your kids is probably the best investment you would ever make. Educational tablets play a critical role in preparing your kids for their academic future and career prospects.

These devices can be described as revolutionary, as they allow our kids to become innovators and creative thinkers. Furthermore, kids who have been exposed to hi-tech devices tend to have great communication and problem-solving skills. With all these benefits at your disposal, how much more can you ask for?

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