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Samsung Tablet Reviews + 4 Tips on Android Tabs-Fun Learning Devices

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Tech is fun. That is why these gadgets are called fun learning devices. However, to make them more engaging, you need to master a number of tips, tricks, and shortcuts. Check out the 4 incisive tips on Android Tab and a review of the Samsung tablet.

4 Tricks And Tips For Your Samsung Galaxy Android Tablet-Amazon Login

4 Suggested Tricks For The Android Tab

1. How to quickly switch apps

The Android operating system can opt to eliminate a stale application. Fortunately, you can prevent it from happening. Therefore, before it happens, quickly switch between the already running apps.

Primarily, switching the running applications provides a platform to use the Recent icon, which is found at the bottom of the display. However, other tablets lack this feature (Recent icon). In such events, you can long-press the Home icon. Then, to switch to an application, consider choosing it from the list of icons. Furthermore, dismiss the icon when you touch the Home or Back icon.

Dismiss the app from the recent list when you swipe it right or left.

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A number of tablet brands have a Task Manager. The item can be available as an app or an icon. Most times it is present at the bottom of the Recent application list.

The Task Manager provides a platform to destroy every running application. However, the Recent app list does not offer this service. Remember, it is not a great idea to kill off the running apps. Though it can serve as an alternative to clear history.

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2. Add lock screen widgets

Add a lock screen widget when you:

– Touch the large Plus icon on the lock screen.

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– Swipe the lock screen right or left. After which, select a widget and add it to the list that is on the display.

It is easier to place multiple widgets on the lock screen. However, you can only view one widget at a time. And you can swipe the screen to view others.

You can remove a widget, all you need is to long-press the icon. Then, drag it up to the Remove icon.

3. Avoid Data Surcharges

Mobile data can be a burden if not controlled. Fortunately, via the Android tablet, you will avoid data surcharges. And the solution is on the Data Usage screen.

And here is the easy way to access the Data Usage screen.

– Open the settings application.

– Choose Data Usage. You may find this item by selecting the Connection tab. In Samsung tablets, you will find the icon on top of the Settings app screen.

4. Make the tablet dream

Allow your tablet to dream. Here is how:

  • Start the Settings app.
  • Select Display and then Daydream.
  • You can find the Display item on your Samsung tablets. This icon is found on the Device tab.
  • For your setting to be operational, make sure the Daydream master control is Active or On.
  • Here, you will find suggestions regarding the type of daydream you want to be functional.
  • Then touch the button that directs when to Daydream.
  • Daydreaming is when the display can normalize time-out and clock.

Reviewing Samsung Android Tablets

 Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5

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Android devices offer a bridge that connects analog to digital. That is why your children need to interact with these platforms. Now, what is available for your children via the Samsung Android Tabs?

Enough storage space.

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Space is an integral part of every academic gadget. Because your children will require a place to store content. Samsung Galaxy comes with sufficient space. This is to enable the learner to have a platform that can safely store data.

Document storage is the primary way of creating future references. For your information, your children urgently require a platform they can save their data. This can be personal or academic data.

An excellent hi-tech gadget is supposed to provide a platform for content creation and storage. Also, it should allow the download and installation of apps. Furthermore, it should allow your children to receive other age-appropriate content from other tablets.

Samsung Galaxy has a guarantee of a 32 GB storage room. This space goes up to 68 GB in other gadgets of the brand. In addition, you can increase the size of the ROM externally. Do this via the available expandable storage space of 512 GB.

Battery durability.

The tablet requires a charge for service delivery. Whereby, lack of power means no services are delivered. Your children’s need for a durable battery gets hired as they upgrade their academic status. Therefore, you are to equip your kids with a platform that can cater to their needs.

Samsung Android devices have batteries that can last for more than a day. A tablet that can support your child’s tech exploration is perfect for their growth and development. In fact, it helps build confidence in learners. This comes about when your kids are sure that the gadget will serve them the entire day.

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Samsung Android devices have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This provides the chance for continuity of tech interactions. That is as long as there is a power source.

Quick processor and stable RAM

Every gadget has its speed. And Samsung Android has a unique RAM and processor speed. These features make the gadget offer result-oriented services to your children. For instance, the gadget can multitask without hiccups.

Further, these devices will offer instant access to the internet. Also, retrieval of offline content is made swift. All of this is courtesy of the above features.

The smooth running of a gadget is dependent on RAM and processor speed. These are items that determine how fast the device translates and acts on a given signal.

 Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

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Durable design

While purchasing a fun learning device, you expect it to serve for some time. However, this is possible when the gadget is able to withstand some tension. Samsung Android tablets have features that boost the durability of the gadget. They include:

– Bumper case

This is a plastic or rubber case that protects the gadget from bumps, spills, and falls. Its elasticity helps to reduce the force exerted on the device when it falls. Also, it improves the grip of the tablet. Thereby, reducing the chances of the gadget slipping and falling.

– inbuilt stand

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The main function of this feature is to boost the stability of the tablet.


  • Enough of the ROM
  • Quick processor
  • Durable design
  • Dual camera
  • Multitouch screen


  • Limited to age factor


Samsung is a brand with a big name in the tech world. And its products have a lot for your children. To confirm the genuineness of the company’s tablets, try out the Samsung Android tablets.

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    Hi Jack and Collins, Thank you for your review of Samsung Tablets in your article about Fun Learning Devices. I certainly found your tips useful. I have a very early model Samsung Galaxy Tab that doesn’t have the Daydream feature. Its predecessor was a Screen Saver. It still works really efficiently though. Kids today need to be able to keep pace with the latest technology. I actually remember the time when there were no PCs! Good article with useful advice, thanks.

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      Thank you always, Nuttanee, for your very engaging comments within our fun learning devices  blog, on the Samsung tablet reviews, as they are a key feature of our knowledge-based decisions to move our sites forward in a more effective manner. It is always great hearing from you, sincerely, Jack

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