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Reviews Best Kids Tablets Illustrating The LeapFrog & Amazon Fire Experience

Discover the Secret to Identify a Quality Tablet

A recent survey confirms that a majority of parents judge a fun learning gadget by its flashiness, especially mothers. And I fully support the survey. But the question of concern is, why go for appearance and forgo the kind of services your child will receive from the device?

The beauty of the academic equipment might deceive you, however, its authenticity will always be deciding the quality of education for your child.

Since the introduction of hi-tech systems in class, it is clear that your children can easily hit their top-notch performances without necessarily going through a tedious academic approach. Do you know the tactics tech uses to make education fantastic for your kids? Find out more about the secrets to discovering your child’s route to excellence!

With the changing trends in today’s world, the needs of school going kids have changed. It is no longer about cramming a particular concept, it is having fun with studies.

The chalk board illustrating technology.
But What Do You Need To Do To Understand And Help Your Child Achieve The Best With Tech? Here Is All You Need To Do!

Your children, therefore, need a learning tool that can provide quality services all through their academic years. An academic system that will make your kids have engaging and practical programs of education.

Fun learning gadgets have completely changed the educational system. By playing a paramount role in your child’s academic life, these platforms help in making it easier for both teachers and learners to organize and manage the classes.

* Guide your children through their studies.

How often do you take your kids through their studies? Your presence is paramount in the education of your children. Kids draw their strength from their guardians or parents. You are your child’s mentor, for that reason, participating in their activities will him a sense of confidence and direction.

How will you guide your children through their studies? Hold on for more information.

– Identify the topic you will study.

The school curriculum is wide, but there is a protocol that is covered to ensure your children read through the topics and understand every concept. And that is the system you need to use while guiding your children through their education. Knowing the topic you will read about, helps in preparing your mind for the subject. The same applies to your children. They will physically and psychologically prepare for the revision.

Leapfrog-Leappad 3, Fun Learning Tablet, You-Tube Video

– Create a schedule for your children’s studies

Schools have a clear routine because of the timetable they create for the learners. Therefore, a schedule is relevant to the creation of an organized program of studies. Creating a timetable for your children will help you do away with uncertainties that come with no planning. For instance, having colliding activities among others.

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– Present the topic in a manner that kids will understand better

There are different approaches to teaching. And they are categorized according to the age of the learner. Therefore, how you are going to teach your preschool kids is not the same as the way you will explain a concept to your colleague.

Tactics like repetition, the use of songs, and doing things practically. These techniques in making your kids understand the concept fully and store the content in their brains for longer periods of time.

* Provide your children with a high-quality educational fun learning device.

The good results that you expect from your children are a result of the kind of device they are using. For that reason, a quality product will always provide high standard services to your kids. Here are the features of a perfect tool for your child.

– Durable battery

The colorful illustration of knowledge with arrows pointing upwards.
As Your Children Grow And Upgrade From One Grade To The Next, Their School Assignment Increases.

For that matter, they will need a gadget that can withstand the tension that comes with increased studies.

A battery that can last long will help in improving your child’s performance by providing enough time for your kids to interact with the gadget academically. Therefore, going for a tablet that can serve your child for long is worth it for your children.

– Wi-Fi enabled

Your children need to access the internet for more information regarding their studies. Wi-Fi will help your kids connect to the wider net for gaming, listening to music, and watching movies. Your kids can also use the internet to access class-related content.

– Enough storage space

Storage is vital in any electronic gadget. Your kids need to download some online content for offline usage. This will help to save on data that would otherwise be wasted accessing the internet on a daily basis. Also, your child will be safe from accessing unreliable content from online sites.

There are tablets that can help your child pick education on the right track. And these are the brands of the LeapPad Leapfrog company, and Amazon Fire HD. To understand these tools, here is a review for you!

* LeapPad 2 Explorer

The picture of the LeapPad Explorer 2, fun learning tablet.

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My Ratings: 4.8 of 5 Stars

Warranty: See Manufacturer Warranty

The device comes with a dual-camera to help your child take pictures at any angle.

The 4GB memory is enough for your preschool kids to store games for offline gaming.

The presence of over 300 apps library will provide your children with enough content to boost their performance.

The available gaming applications will provide your children will endless moments of gaming.

The battery is durable, and rechargeable. Your children will have enough time to interact with the academic apps of the device.


  • Has a durable battery
  • Is Wi-Fi enabled
  • Is a fun-based device


It is pricey, however, your child’s academic dreams are forever

* LeapPad UltraThe amazing picture of the leapPad Ultra.

 LeapPad Ultra XDi

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Best Place to Buy: Amazon.com

My Ratings: 4.3 of 5 Stars

Warranty: See Manufacturer Warranty

The device comes with a 4 GB memory which will ensure your kids enjoy their gaming and studies offline.

It is a 7″ screen device that is perfect for your kids of ages between 3–9 years old.

The Wi-Fi e enabled gadget will give your kids an opportunity to do online surfing.

It comes with two cameras that can capture artistic pictures.


  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Durable battery
  • 2-megapixel camera


  • Insufficient storage space

* LeapPad Platinum

The LeapFrog-LeapPad Platinum

The colorful picture of the LeapPad Platinum, fun learning tablet.

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Best Place to Buy: Amazon.com

My Ratings: 4.3 of 5 Stars

Warranty: See Manufacturer Warranty

It is a screen with a sharp and crisp screen. Your child will have one-touch devices.

The fast and powerful processor is perfect for quick access to information.

The gadget is perfect for your children with ages between 3 to 9 years.

Your kids’ safety is a guarantee. Because of the presence of safe and protected web browsers.

The “Just For Me” learning technology will provide your children with superb content to perfect their studies.

It comes with over 1000 learning apps providing your kids with everything they need.

The gadget is durable. This is thanks to the shatter-safe LCD screen. Plus the protective bumper. These properties ensure the device is safe from daily drops and falls.

The 8 GB memory will give your kids enough space to store data.



The battery is not long-lasting

* LeapPad Ultimate

The very colorful picture of the Leappad Ultimate, fun learning tablet.

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Best Place to Buy: Amazon.com

My Ratings: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Warranty: See Manufacturer Warranty

It comes with an inbuilt bumper for the durability of the gadget.

The device provides your kids with applications that will automatically upgrade with them as they grow.

It is perfect for children from three to nine years old.

It comes with kid-friendly content to allow your children to surf through healthy information.


  • Has kid-friendly content
  • Has durable battery
  • Is Wi-Fi enabled


  • It is a little pricey

* Fire HD 10 kids edition

The picture of a father playing with his two sons on the couch.

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Best Place to Buy: Amazon.com

My Ratings: 4.6 of 5 Stars

Warranty: 2-year manufacturer warranty

It comes with 1 year of free gaming, reading, watching movies, and listening to music. That is Amazon FreeTime Unlimited.

The tablet has a two-year warranty. You can take the gadget back to the seller in case it develops any defaults.

32 GB storage space. It is enough for your children to download as many games as possible. The additional 256 GB external memory will cater to your child’s needs.

Has a 10-hour battery for endless studies.

Your children will enjoy Spanish content as they interact with the device.

Has parental control. Your child’s safety is guaranteed.


  • Is Wi-Fi enabled
  • Has a classic sound system
  • Has parental control


  • Is pricey

* Fire HD 7 kids edition

The picture of two boys and two girls, on the screen of a tablet.

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Best Place to Buy: Amazon.com

My Ratings: 4.3 of 5 Stars

Warranty: 2-year manufacturer warranty

It has a durable design. The inbuilt stand, kid-proof case, and screen shatter safe will improve the longevity of the gadget.

Has a 1 year Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. Your children will enjoy their first year of tablet interaction.

A two-year warranty. You can take the gadget to the seller once it develops any hiccup.

Has parental control to offer safety for your child.

It is Wi-Fi enabled to allow surfing through the web.

The 16 GB internal memory plus an external memory card will allow enough space for app installation.

Your children can access Spanish content

The Bottom Line

Technological studies are dependent on how you make decisions regarding the kind of device you present to your child. Therefore, insisting on making the right choice regarding your child’s studies is a requirement for your children’s studies.

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  1. Hello Jack, it’s most important that the education and development of the kids should be a priority for parents and those who are in positions to give them guidance when need, but some basic essentials should be made available by the parents and these tabs fall there as well. From, the features of these tabs, these kids can work on their own and have fun in the process of learning with it.

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  2. These learning toys are a mixed bag. I  wish I could’ve had one as a kid because that’s the way I loved and excelled at learning. I was weird. The less adult interference, the better my grades. As for my barely grown kids, when they were schooling, the system failed them miserably. I had been homeschooling them and they were doing fantastic. I was right there, we used books and educational online games and such. My husband insisted on public schools, and I can’t begin to describe the downfall that came from that. Anyway, I believe these toys are awesome, as long as the parent keeps an eye on top and offers fun suggestions (read orders) as to deeper learning when the child becomes ready. These things are great.

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  3. Well, first I would like to thank you for sharing this article, some months ago I purchased a tablet for my daughter, I went for the flashy features and the outside appearance aiming on my daughter’s happiness, a few months later it had issues with the software concerning the storage, I never checked on that while buying, as I was going through this article, I thought that you were just explaining my situation, and at the same time helping me solve it.

    having the information in your content I have learned more about the children tablets and in the near future I am going to get the Leappad ultra as I have seen the pros and cons about it, I really appreciate you for sharing such a wonderful article.

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