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Preschooler Learning Games Enlisting The LeapFrog Learning Path

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Why Your Preschooler Needs A Fun Learning Tablet

With the rapid advances in technology, it is natural for parents, teachers, and stakeholders in the education sector to incorporate gadgets in children’s learning. This is because of the use of tools such as learning tablets, help children acquire and retain knowledge more effectively.  Therefore, in order to understand the relevance of learning tablets in the field of education, it is important to consider how technology has affected the world at large.

Firstly, technology has revolutionized several industries. With smartphones, computers, and tablets, people are now able to collect and store information with a mere click or tap of their finger. The worldwide web and the field of publishing provide data to billions of people every day instantaneously. In such a world, it is only natural that this technology would be employed to form young minds, for an exciting future.

Moreover, due to the wide reach of technology, you can expect young children, even toddlers, to develop an interest in computers, phones, and tablets as tools of learning and entertainment. It is also common for preschoolers to get easily accustomed to sites such as Youtube to access fun videos, or to play simple games installed on touchscreen devices.

Very colorful picture of a puzzle illustrating learning.
A Learning Tablet Bears Many Similarities With Traditional Tablets!!

As the minds of children absorb information much faster than those of adults, kids need to be constantly stimulated. This is where learning games come in; they offer both the fun of playing and the academic/intellectual benefits of an effective curriculum-based lesson.

To discover all the ways in which your preschooler will experience the difference with a fun learning tablet, consider the following guide to learning games and other exciting learning tablet features

Most of the features are essentially the same; from watching videos to accessing the web, learning tablets are a kids’ friendly version of an adult tablet. However, learning tablets have one major unique feature: they are designed to provide children with fun learning experiences

Learning tablets come with applications and games designed to teach your child new languages, mathematics, history, geography, or sciences. The interfaces of their many applications and tools are usually clear, concise, and accessible to all children. They also come with a multitude of security and privacy features that protect your child from prying eyes.

Why Your Pre-Schooler Needs a Learning Tablet?

Studies have shown that the ages of 2-5 are incredibly decisive in defining a child’s relationship with learning and curiosity. Most importantly, the information children are exposed to in these ages can greatly influence their IQ as an adult and even their academic potential.

It is a parent’s responsibility to provide their child with the best chances for success in their future lives. Whether it is by providing the best education they can afford or aiding them with their homework, parents must make sure children are constantly encouraged to learn. Because autonomous learning will require a foundation of discipline and academic curiosity, it is a very young ages that children must be taught the benefits of learning.

However, it would not be easy, nor would it be kind, to provide such dynamic, optimistic minds with tedious methods of learning. Instead, children must be entertained and stimulated to learn effectively.

The chalk board illustrating good idea, with a hand holding a light bulb.
When It Comes To More Healthy Activities For Our Children’s Early Learning Process, These Early Learning Tablet’s Will Be Just The Answer To Enhance Their Shorter Retention Spans, Because These Tools, Offer The Best Mind Work Outs, While They Are Having a Blast!!

The ages of 2 to 5 may be the most beneficial times for children to begin using learning tablets, as they help familiarize them with systems they will have to use their entire educational career. Furthermore, they remove the stress and anxiety a child may feel at the beginning of their primary school experience by enhancing confidence in their own ability to learn.

In fact, preschoolers being known for their short concentration spans and bursts of energy, it is necessary to have a healthy activity to enhance their dynamism. While toys are good for physical exercise, learning tablets offer the best mind work-outs for your young ones. This provides busy parents with additional resting time as their children learn to channel their energy productively.

Tools of A Fun Learning Tablet

If you are looking for preschool learning games, then, experience the difference that comes with a fun learning tablet. Learning tablets contain a variety of preschool games, designed by a collective of skilled educators and engineers. They range from education-focused to fun-focused curriculum.

In order to understand how much your child will gain from these devices, you need to understand the vast array of features that preschool learning games sport.

 Reading Lessons

Recent studies have shown that by the end of the 3rd grade, 17% of children still struggle with reading effectively. Though these problems are only observed after a couple of years of school, they are often based on a flawed foundation. Unfortunately, it is difficult to ensure that all teachers, with their limited energy, can provide every child with the amount of attentive teaching they require to understand reading, writing and counting basics.

However, cognitive psychiatrists have ascertained that kids have the ability to recognize letters and words from the age of 7 months. Because of the complexities of effective communication with babies and toddlers, it is practically impossible for untrained persons to teach such young children how to read. However, learning tablets can effectively achieve this.

LeapFrog-LeapPad 3, Fun Learning Tablet, You-Tube Video

LeapFrog LeapPad 3, Amazon.com, (Click Here)

By using methods of stimulation on your child such as music, colorful graphics, and recorded validating probes, learning games can teach your preschooler to recognize letters, successfully write their name and even read important road signs. Games like Alphatots Alphabet and Alphabet Flashcards, which are available on the Play Store or I store, reward children for each word they have successfully identified, which teaches them to associate success and advancement with reading.

Such preschool learning games don’t just prepare your child for the classroom, they also provide them with a sense of autonomy they will highly value. For example, a toddler that has learned to read independently using a tablet is most likely to move on to reading his or her own stories before bed, and even texting parents in times of need. This is particularly essential for children with working parents, who will need, from a very young age, to know how to contact them at all times.

 Maths Made Easy

A lot of parents will, at some point in their children’s educational careers, wish they could alter their kid’s relationship with mathematics. This is because almost half of the children, according to a study by the Montessori Education Group, claim maths to be their least favorite subject. Several kids often communicate to teachers their distaste of the subject based on one major misconception; the idea that maths either has to be boring or difficult.

As children are indoctrinated from a very young age to be afraid of maths or simply to expect to struggle with the subject, it is an incredibly beneficial preventive measure to expose them to maths-based games from early on. Games such as Hoopa City, incorporate a series of simple, mathematics-based tasks in their disguised lessons. They provide preschoolers with a sentiment of pure enjoyment while teaching them the basics of numerology and arithmetics.

Holistic Learning

The majority of preschooler games are actually based on the old television model of interactive cartoons. However, because of the tactile feature of learning tablets and their ability to react to information from your child in the real world, they provide a more immersive learning experience than any classic kid’s show may have.

This is particularly useful in providing your preschooler with an all-rounded academic skill. It also provides them with interesting trivia that will build their confidence in their level of knowledge and intellect.

Most importantly, the strength of holistic preschooler learning games such as Monkey Preschool Lunchbox and A Parcel of Courage, is that they give your child free rein to discover their personal interests later in their lives.

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LeapPad Epic Academy Edition Fun Learning Kids Tablet!!

By giving them a solid foundation in a variety of subjects, they ensure your child isn’t put off certain fields from early on. It also gives children the power to explore their entire learning potential unreservedly.

Holistic preschool learning games are among the most popular for kids aged 6 and under because they allow children to express the healthy competitiveness they will have developed when playing. Rather than subject-focused, holistic preschool learning games are reward and improvement-centered. This astutely masks the “lesson” aspect of the game and provides for subtly educational fun instead.

 Improvement Assessment

With preschool learning games, children experience the difference with a fun learning tablet by watching their minds expand with knowledge. Most fun learning tablets are equipped with means of recording progress, or feature games that will record the reaching of milestones. This will enable parents to observe the rate at which their preschooler learns while providing the child with encouragement for further learning.

Your child will definitely become active, and participate more with a fun learning tablet, as they are designed to be more attentive to your child’s learning struggles than the most skilled of teachers may be. Unlike tutors and teachers, learning tablets do not have off days; every time they are used by your child, they assess in real time what your child may need to improve on and effectively reward kids’ improvements instantaneously.

What You Should Remember

Familiarize your child with preschool learning games, in order to experience the difference that comes with a fun learning tablet. This will prepare your child for both daily life and educational experiences while providing them with fantastic fun and autonomy. It is never too early for your child to have the best chances of academic success.

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This article has been a renewed blessing for me to articulate for every parent that is highly concerned for their child’s best academic outcome, which needs to start as early as 2 years old. This is imperative for their accelerated knowledge of reading writing and math, as well as there in general Hi-tech approach.

Please feel free to leave your very important and engaging comments below for the benefit of my knowledge and every viewer that seeks our Blog.

One of our goals is to return your questions with the most relevant answer within your time of expectations, if this does not happen, we are perhaps seeking more knowledge to ascertain your best needs. Sincerely, Jack Butler, founder of funlearningdevices.com

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12 thoughts on “Preschooler Learning Games Enlisting The LeapFrog Learning Path

  1. Fredery

    when I was a little child, I always hated the school, specifically subjects like math and history, until my parents bought me a learning tablet, it made the boring subjects very entertaining. I finally could focus and have a great development at school. It helped me a lot! 

    Thanks for the article

    1. Jack

      Thank you, Fredery, for your very important comments on Preschool Learning Games, Experience The Difference With a Fun learning Tablet, as they are so important for our websites growth. It is always a true pleasure to hear how these tablets affect each and every person. I hope to hear from you soon, sincerely, Jack

  2. Garen

    My nephew really likes his LeapFrog-LeapPad 3.  He actually is quite glued to the tablet.  His mother has to limit his daily use of the tablet.  Also, you can use it to help get the kids to mind.  If they are having trouble doing their homework.  His mother always tells him once he gets done with his homework he can use his tablet for 30 minutes.

    I do really like how you can purchase games physically.  But, what we do is buy the games on their website.  You can easily download them and don’t have to wait for them.  5 stars all around.  Great tablet for kids!

    1. Jack

      Thank you, Garen, for your very important and engaging comments on Preschool Learning Games, Experience The Difference With a Fun Learning Tablet, as they are so beneficial for the growth of our site. I am always amazed to hear how these tablets affect different people and the growth that I get from my viewers. I hope to hear from you soon, sincerely, Jack

  3. Matt's Mom

    I know my youngest had a Leap Pad for quite some time and it kept him busy, as well as the fact that he loved it and soaked up any learning games I would give him to play.  I think they are a great learning tool, and definitely help prepare kids for school.  I have a small granddaughter, but she will be old enough for the Leap Pad before I know.  I am bookmarking this site.

    1. Jack

      Thank you Matt’s Mom, for your very important and engaging comments on Preschool Learning Games, Experience The Difference With a Fun learning Tablet, as they are vital for the ongoing development of our website. It was a pleasure to hear of the true positive attributes that these tablets have had on your family. I hope to hear from you soon, sincerely, Jack

  4. Cory Haasnoot

    I feel kids need to start using learning devices young because that is what their world I going to be all about. Unlike when I was young we had a pencil paper and a chalkboard for learning. Now, you can learn about all types of devices like laptops, ipads, cellphone, and virtual reality devices. Times have really changed and the children will be on a continuous learning curve with all the new devices that will come out in the future. Great article thanks for posting.

    1. Jack

      Thank you, Cory, for your very important and engaging comments on Preschool Learning Games, Experience The Difference With a Fun learning Tablet, as they are so beneficial for the ongoing growth of this site. I could not agree with you more on the benefits of these early learning tablet’s, especially when we are in a strong intervention mode with our children. I hope to hear from you soon, sincerely, Jack

  5. Michelle

    Hello Jack, 

    Interesting article. I agree that technology is and has changed our world – the way we do, say, and see things…and yes, the lives of our children.

    I am not a ‘big fan’ of electronic devices for children, even as young as toddlers. I grew up in a world where my ‘best friend’ was a tree – climbed it every day, and books – a library mouse if you know what I mean. When  I had my little one, I went out and bought LeapFrog electronic systems to help ‘prime’ her mind – did it help? Well, in my opinion, not really.

    I felt that the interaction with my daughter using pencils, crayons, textured books, was more advantageous to her motor skills, sense of curiosity, and imagination.

    Don’t get me wrong, I know that some of the electronic learning tools can be helpful, I am just happy that I no longer have to make that choice. 

    The choice I am faced with this time around is monitoring her ‘electronic time’ when she has to go online to do her homework – and for her to keep focused and not be distracted. When not doing homework, her ‘downtime/playtime (electronically) is monitored as well. Thank God reading books – traditional books made of paper – are a love of hers which seems to be in the genes.

    I lift my hat off to technology, but I confess, not every technological advancement gets my vote.


    1. Jack

      Thank you Michelle, for your very important and informative comments on Preschool Learning Games, Experience The Difference With a Fun learning Tablet, I am always pleased to hear everyone’s views in regards to these fun learning devices, for a lot of parents really struggle with a formalized teaching process that you have to offer your child, in which is excellent, these learning tablets offer a lot of illustrations that enhance their engagement and are truly effective. It is certainly critical that we monitor them continually, as to keep them engaged in the real world around them. I hope to hear from you soon, sincerely, Jack

  6. John

    Hi Jack, I’m glad to have come across your site and your vast research and knowledge.   We have a 2 yr 7-month-old little girl who is starting 3 yo kindergarten next year in 2019.   So we’ve got to start thinking about her development. I’d be interested to know what is your top recommended learning tablet for our little girl going into 2019 when she turns 3 in April.   Is it the LeapPad Ultimate that is linked in your 2-5 years old link or the LeapPad 3 your recommendation for our circumstances?. That’s interesting when you say  learning tablets offer the best mind work-outs for your young ones, I always thought reading to a child was one of the best ways of developing an interest in learning, so are the learning tablets even better than that? I guess I’d be wanting to be getting the balance right between learning in person/interacting with us versus the use of devices with the end goal of developing social and people skills also without having the risk of a child addicted to devices like so many millennials seem to me to be.   I’d appreciate your comments on getting this balance right. Thank you

    1. Jack

      Thank you, John, for your very important and extremely engaging comments on Preschool Learning Games, Experience The Difference With a Fun Learning Tablet, as they are vital for the continuous development of our Blog. It is always a pleasure to hear so many thoughts on these fun learning based tablets, the LeapPad 3 is a bit more expensive however, it rates a little higher, so I would recommend that one verse the LeapPad ultimate, John I will tell you that there needs to be a very defined line between the use of our children’s learning tablet, and the world around them, our interaction and goal setting is imperative. Please remember these tablets are vital for their growth, as they offer a much more effective concept of learning, especially at ages as young as 2 if you can imagine that. I hope to hear from you soon, sincerely, Jack

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