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Modern Learning Tablets Created Within The LeapFrog-LeapPad Curriculum

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 Reasons Why Modern LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition Excels in Class

The new improvements done on LeapFrog devices have seen them become kids’ most preferred machines. It’s the reason why Modern Learning Tablets Created Within The LeapFrog-LeapPad Curriculum has become the favorite tool for all learners.

Often, we assume that we know our kids pretty well. However, children can be surprising nowadays. Like when LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition arrived at first, we totally expected our kids to find it hard to share. Most learners were so excited to open it and took it for a spin.

Technology is becoming better and more efficient. That gives the learners the opportunities to explore and discover new ideas. Even better, it gives them a door to know new content.

Because learning is a continuous process, the LeaFrog Academy edition offers a window for the kids to grow their knowledge. Yes, there’s a lot of very cool content on it, and we’re still figuring it out as parents.

This is the only way to neutralize the children’s curiosity. Because the tablet has a handful of kids’ favorite features on it. But are kids ready to grow their wisdom and knowledge?

LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition — a Perfect Machine For Learners

The ever-rising popularity of LeapFrog Academy has become a comforting deal for tech-savvy learners who are passionate about technology. Yes, this gadget offers a plethora of interactive features that make learning effective and efficient.

1. Endless Educational Components

The colorful illustration of whats next in the horizon.

The most favorite part of this device is that almost everything constructed with it has an educational fulfillment. Not only is the LeapFrog Academy pre-loaded onto the device.

But also, the machine has the most basic games that seem so fun for all kids. Because they have some learning involved. Therefore, our kids can continue their learning adventure with their LeapFrog LeapPad academy edition even without revisiting their iPads, which comes with more tempting apps.

While the device has various educative games such as the Stretch Monkey game that kids love, they can practice their spelling effortlessly.

Other cool features are the now-trending LeapFrog’s Just for MeTM learning technology that personalizes select games to adjust to the kids’ learning level.

2. No More Interchangeable Cartridges

You might have been a great fan of LeapFrog for a long time, and you must be excited to find out that the LeapFrog Epic doesn’t need interchangeable game cartridges to work.

Because the machine is pre-loaded with dozens of activities. And it has Wi-Fi for you to enjoy turning your kids’ learning into fun. Therefore, you can opt to go to the LeapFrog Learning Library.

Here, you will get access to hundreds of videos, games, apps, and music – without the need to keep track of all game cartridges.

3. Kid-safe (And Kid-proof)

Honestly, how many phones or tablets have become victims of broken screens. All thanks to the child handler. LeapFrog Epic has a shatter-safe LCD screen as well as a protective bumper for everyday bumps. Basically, the kids will love this device, and they can enjoy their ideal performance without breaking.

LeapFrog Epic Tablet For Kids, You-Tube Video

4. Customizable Home Screen

Once the kids realize that they can change around their home screen, kids can comfortably move the apps around where they can customize their profile. They will be very proud of that. Besides, they will enjoy tweaking their machine every now while re-arranging some of the favorite apps at the top. This is the only way to make your kids’ navigation to the digital lifestyle easy.

5. Story Spinner

This is a verbal version of mad gab where kids can answer questions for different nouns, verbs, sounds, etc. Generally, they can learn other parts of the speech. Besides, they can enjoy the interactive experience building their pronunciation and sounds.

Consequently, it’ll plug all of their responses into a funny story. We can engage our kids by playing and laughing together. This the ultimate goal of every home.

6. Word Of The Day

The colorful illustration of a Mother and Daughter Engaging There Fun learning kids tablet.

Just as it is, Word Of The Day is an app that reveals a new word every day. Typically, it gives your kids the word in a sentence, which provides them with a little context.

Also, there’s a great rewarding system, which is set up so that every time kids get a new word, it adds onto a story. This rewards them for checking back frequently.

If you like challenging kids to use the words they learn again in a sentence during the day; then you will be acceptable to do it. There are a few more apps kids can enjoy right now.

How LeapFrog Academy Helps Parents

Every parent will really like to monitor their kids’ progress. And LeapFrog offers you an opportunity to get in the Parent Dashboard.

Here, you can do a lot with your child’s learning experience. Certainly, you will:

  • Explore new activities in the My Learning Lab
  • Choose and change Learning Adventures
  • Get ideas for new hands-on experiences
  • Switch them to new Learning Adventures at your convenience
  • Manage your kids’ profiles

Eventually, you can click on each section in the Learning Adventure to see and determine what each child is going to learn.

How to Prepare Kids for Kindergarten Using Leapfrog Academy

Before they start Kindergarten, kids will need to take a test. That is the best way to see how much they know.

You need to ensure that they are able to:

  • Spell their names
  • Count to 20
  • Identify, categorize and name uppercase and lower case letters
  • Recognize and name numbers
  • Recognize and name colors
  • Recognize and name shapes
  • Recognize patterns
  • Recognize basic math terms

Eventually, you will help kids prepare for Kindergarten. By doing that together, you can ensure that they stay on task and not just tap the screen randomly.

Introduction to Preschool will cover:The colorful picture of a young preschooler enggaing her LeapPad kids tablet.

Before you introduce them to preschool, you need to know what your kids will go through. Yes, according to the syllabus, preschoolers need to:

  • Master Letters, Sounds, and Rhymes
  • Explore Numbers and Letters
  • Identify Shapes, Numbers, and Letters
  • Know Colors, Music, and Letters
  • Be good at Critical Thinking Skills
  • Excel at Math and Science

Once they know the fundamental tips, going back through these activities can help reinforce what they already know. This will build on those skills.

What next!

When they master what is expected to Preschool, you’ll need to know the Introduction to Kindergarten, which will cover the following:

  • Letters, Numbers, and Words
  • Letters and Letter Sounds
  • Numbers and Shapes
  • Phonics and Spelling
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Art and Music
  • Rhymes and Blending Sounds
  • Early Science Concepts

And that’s precisely what your child will need to become the next academic genius. Because every lesson builds on the next in the activities, kids should have a solid foundation to take on Kindergarten like a pro!

Final ideas!

Indeed, the LeapFrog Academy takes kids on interactive Learning Adventures that guide them to explore kids’ safe content such as explore eBooks, games, puzzles, videos, music, as well as the art activities. The content focuses on specific subjects and titles. These include the Get Ready for Preschool — Letters, Sounds, and Rhymes; Math and Science; plus the Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving titles. So, kids can explore and learn more about the program at their convenience.

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