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Best Tablets Kids Reviews The Top 10 Tablets

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 Best Tablets Kids Top 10 Fun Learning Tablets For Our Children’s’ Education!!

As you take a deep dive into this goal-based post on the best fun learning tablets, our hope is to effectively engage you with the content to make the most formidable decision for your child’s early academic success.

Have you ever asked yourself how fast technology has become in a span of eight years? Do you remember the days when you were stuck in a long queue so you could buy that item? But today things have changed. Over 80% of the people around the globe perform local searches before ordering any item.

While our children have similar experiences, it is very necessary that we introduce them to the best tablet computers as early as three years of age. This is the time we have to make the right choice for them. And that is why we need the Best Tablets, Top 10 Tablets, for our Children’s’ Education!!

It’s simple! Let’s get started! Access the web through your phone. Identify the tablet you want to present your kids this coming birthday. Go through the features.

The chalk board illustrating good idea, with a hand holding a light bulb.
As We Move Forward To Make The Education Arenas Better. Not Only Will These Best Tablets  Be a Good Idea!! These Top 10 Tablets  For Our Children’s Education Will Result In a Major Breakthrough, For Their Early Academic Headstart. Now This Is a Great Idea!!

What next? Mark the tablet which you like. Make an order and stay in that comfort zone as the shipment is brought to your doorstep. Do you like that kind of milestone which technology has taken you to?

The strength of the children lies in their ability to decide and in their confidence to move forward. I know this is the best dream you have for them. To make them better legends of tomorrow. Isn’t it?

As the move to make education better, several tablets have been designed. Most of which have a better goal. That is why the need for the Best Tablets’ 2018… Top 10 Tablets, for our Children’s’ Education!! is inevitable.

I have made intensive research, compared, and finally generated the list of the top ten best 2018 tablets for kids. I will take you through the super-legends of the season. The best kids’ tablet. The most trusted devices. I will highlight the pros and cons to be specific. Are you ready?

The Battle Of The Titans: The Best Tablets, Top 10 Tablets For Our Children

Although not arranged in order of ranks, the enlisted is a keenly selected collection of the best tablets for kids. What makes me interested in all of this is that they have one common agendum. They are goal-oriented.

�� The Highly-ranked LeapPad 3 Tablet.

This is the best tablet that you have been looking for. It is designed uniquely to make loud the silent dream. It is the tablet advised for kids between three to nine years.


It is the only high performance and fun-packed tablet that is WiFi designed. This is to ensure our children gain digital experience in the most admired way.

The LeapFrog-LeapPad 3, Very Affordable Fun Learning Kids Tablet

The tablet allows your beloved kids to access the most overstocked library of 1000+ eBooks which are educator-approved. Some of them come pre-loaded while others are downloaded from the app store. But I will also have to say what the books are primarily made for? Just to ask, what are the purposes of so many books in a learning device.

LeapFrog LeapPad 3, Amazon.com, (Click Here)

The tablet, on the other hand, has a collection of children appropriate games, educator-approved videos, and music. Yes, Music.

The ultimate solution to talent. Most of the infotainment section in these tablets is purposely made to motivate and instill moral confidence in your most treasured children. By the way, do you treasure those future legends? The children I mean.

What about the WiFi? This is the permit to access the kids-safe Leap-Search Web content. The content includes videos, games, and ebooks for online research.

As though not enough…

The tablet comes with a free rechargeable lithium-ion battery and AC adapter. Its headphones are so amazing for auto-adjusting. This keeps safe our children more comfortable.

As I kept worrying about our children’s addiction to gaming, I realized that this tablet has the parent control. It is so strong that it helps us to monitor our kid’s progress from our devices.

The list is long. Anyway, let us dash to the basis of its stronghold.


  • It is the only tablet with the strongest parent control.
  • This tablet has a shatter-safe screen and a removable bumper for protection.
  • It is well designed with a strong casing to stand some rough handling from the kids.


  • It is only made to be water-resistant hence ignoring the fact that it should be waterproof.

�� The Most Adored LeapPad epic 7 Tablet.

By the way is it an Android-Based Tablet? Food for thought. My kids have been using this for about four years. I stand firm to attest to it as the best tablet computer.

 LeapPad Epic Academy Edition Tablet, (Click Here)

LeapPad Epic Academy Edition Fun Learning Tablet!!


This tablet is designed for children between three to nine years. With LeapPad Epic Academy Edition, Tablet, you will discover that technology grows with your children.

As the top tablet, The LeapPad epic academy edition tablet allows our children to enjoy a strong experience with the 7″ multi-touch hyper-sensitive home screen. It gives our children the best moment to enjoy fun gaming and watching videos.

LeapPad epic” is the only tablet that offers a great collection of learning content in its 16GB memory. The content includes the skills-instilling math master and doodle jump. Both are educator-approved.

What about our children’s security? Does it guarantee enough security for your beloved kids? Yes, the tablet brings you even closer to your loved ones. Parental control ensures that your kids enjoy a set of safe fun surprises every day.

The tablet supports 20+ apps in all the different varieties. I will also mention that it supports very great games, eBooks, and more so the kids’ videos and music.

The just-for-me technology embedded in every game is what makes LeapPad epic 7, Android-Based Tablet highly-ranked. This is the technology that exemplifies the best features that you must have been looking for. It collects the performance and scores of each game, combines it, and sends it to you as a parent.

The magnificent picture of the word empower with future flowing thru it.
This Tablet Has a Powerful Wifi, That Will Accommodate Stronger Signals. This Will Allow Our Children To Access 1000+ eBooks, Videos, And Music from Their Kid Safe Web. Certainly, This Will Empower Your Child to Leap Into Their Academic Headstart!!

The tablet has a powerful WiFi that accommodates stronger signals to help our children access 1000+ eBooks, videos, and music from the Kids-Safe web. All content found on the kid’s web is approved by the QA(Quality Assurance) global standard experts.


  • It is the only tablet that enjoys the strongest WiFi signal.
  • The tablet supports expandable memory which allows our kids to enjoy a full set of entertainment.
  • Its shatter-safe screen and bumper casing help give it durability.


�� The Most Celebrated Samsung Galaxy Tab Elite 7″.

What do you know about any Samsung product? Yeah, it is the only brand that has stood the quality tests. It has outdone its competitors by staying strong on the market. But why?

Did I talk about the parent control? The tablet supports great parent control apps. They ensure that our kids stay under good surveillance.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Elite 7” comes with a 3-month free subscription to the Samsung kids. This helps your children enjoy maximum kids safe gaming and a great learning experience. Do you like it?

Basically, Samsung Galaxy Tab Elite 7″ is the only kids’ learning device with an ideal long-lasting battery. This is the background of hopeful progress. The strength of the electronic devices lies in its charge support and so has been proved by Samsung Galaxy Tab Elite 7″.

This tablet computer is light-weight. This proves portability and standard. The tablet, on the other hand, has a durable 7-inch display screen. This makes it a tablet worth the good name “Samsung”.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7"; 8 GB Wifi Tablet (Black) SM-T113NYKAXAR
Samsung Galaxy Tab Elite 7″; 8 GB Wifi Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab Elite 7″ prides the best selection of the games and security features. The gaming and videos that come pre-loaded into this tablet are all educators-approved.

 Samsung Galaxy 5 Elite 7, (Click Here)

Just a message from the manufacturer, “as the winner of the 2016 National digital award, Samsung, in general, will want to express its gratitude for your treasured support”.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Elite 7″ celebrates 20+ apps. The apps make it easy for your children to enjoy curriculum-related books, videos, and music. This is the best opportunity for your kids to explore the world of experience.

It also offers sharing features that allow your kids to share relevant content. The content can be the stem or even core-curriculum units in class. This helps raise their potential.

What are the free components in the Samsung Galaxy Tab Elite 7″ Box? I will express this as the strength of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Elite 7″ tablet. Thus:


  • In the box is a free bumper case whose function has been said.
  • The USB charging cable to ensure your beloved kids do not miss a session with no charge.
  • The travel adapter to ensure that our children’s devices are fully powered by the charge.
  • The Quick-start guide helps your kid get the first impression and introduction to the real world with Samsung Galaxy Tab Elite 7″.


  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Elite 7″ is precious to lose. It thus requires caution handling. Will you vote for Samsung
    Picture of a bright light bulb illuminating strategy, innovation and creativity.
    The LeapPad Ultimate Is Uploaded With Amazing Feature’s That Will Help Your Child, Develop Their Strategy Abilities, Creativity, As Well As Solution Skills!!

    Galaxy Tab Elite 7″ again?

�� The Legendary LeapPad Ultimate.

The LeapPad Ultimate tablet is goal-specific and celebrated for laying the foundation of fun learning devices for our children.


This is the tablet that is richly loaded with amazing features.
LeapPad Ultimate enjoys the basic definition of the ultimate kids’ tough tablet.

It, therefore, features a 7-inch shatter-safe screen. The screen prides the multi-touch capacitive conditions. What is your view on such a screen in relation to our loved kids’ little hands?

Perhaps this is the reason why it is definitely preferred for children at the age of three to nine years. You may not like this reality but it is the case with the LeapPad Ultimate tablet

LeapPad Ultimate Fun Learning Tablet, (Click Here)

LeapPad Ultimate, The Ever Popular And Very Affordable Fun Learning Tablet!!

The tablet also comes with a well designed in-built bumper. The bumper is purposely made to stand some amount of rough handling. As you always know that sometimes these brave children are more playful.

Therefore for the common spillage and drops among them to be withstood, the LeapPad Ultimate tablet is designed with this bumper. Is it an amazing fact? What is your comment on that?

The LeapPad Ultimate tablet comes inclusive of $110 worth of games and other apps for learning. You will believe this today because a legend is known for its extraordinary strength.

The games, videos, and all the music that come loaded in the LeapPad Ultimate tablet are all educator-approved. Our kids can, therefore, play without any worry about class.

I am sure I have not reminded you of something special. The award-winning apps and the amazing collection of the cartridge. The amusement leans on the fact that the collection features the favorite characters for the kids. What an unspoken joy of having the LeapPad Ultimate tablet.

I won’t get tired of mentioning Just-for-me technology. This is the technology I would have mentioned earlier. It is built into so many learning games of LeapPad Ultimate tablets.

The technology is designed to make known the track of record for our children. Keeping them updated now and then makes our children motivated and engaged in higher pursuance.

As I rest my pen on the LeapPad Ultimate. I will not hesitate to tell you that this tablet is designed with a Kid-friendly web browser. The browser provides the only access to the best pre-selected websites.

The websites are approved by the trusted kids’ learning experts. Therefore this tablet has been assessed to serve the kids between 3-9 years old.

That is why I will call us to take a keen interest in the Best Tablets 2018, Top 10 Tablets, for our Children’s



  • The tablet is simple to use by the kids.
  • It is securely designed with the parent control
  • It is relatively cheaper than the analog learning system.


MY COMMENT: Ensure taking control of the kid’s program by signing up into parent control technology.

�� The Perfect LeapPad Epic academy Edition-Android-Based Tablet.

This is the tablet that has adapted to the most recent technology. It assures our children of getting updated on the most trending technology. Do you find the need for more advanced technology?


Ckalk board illustrating the words solution overriding problem.
This Fun Learning Technolgy Will Be The Answer That Will Help Achieve The Academic Goal’s That Have Been Set With Your Child

What makes it such an exclusive tablet? You will be amused to know.

This tablet gives our children the chance to explore, learn, and play the best LeapFrog Academy content. It is the standard quality and powerful new subscription to the LeapFrog Academy content.

The content is recently introduced to the digital learning system. You will like this content from the word go. That is immediately upon subscription.

The LeapPad Epic academy Edition-Android-Based Tablet is packed with kids-appropriate on-board content. It also includes the award-winning library collections.

LeapPad Epic academy Edition-Android-Based Tablet has the protection bumper which ensures that the device is safe from any drop or spill.

The shatter safe 7″ screen is a multi-touch capacitive. The screen prides its 1024×600 resolution that makes a clear display of any content. Am sure you have liked this. Haven’t you?

What amused me most about this special device is its 16GB memory. The memory is expandable to allow our children to enjoy their experience uninterrupted.

Do your kids like selfies? Should they have a unique device that supports dual cameras? Yeah, a 1.34GHz core processor device with OS 4.4. If yes, then LeapPad Epic academy Edition-Android-Based Tablet is worth to go for.


  • LeapPad Epic academy Edition-Android-Based Tablet supports a very strong parent control. This is ideally designed to ensure that the desire to guide your beloved kids is not impaired.
  • The tablet comes with a FREE 3-months subscription to LeapFrog academy premium learning contents. The giveaway that precedes the subsequent subscription to the same content for a few dollars each.


  • The LeapPad Epic academy Edition-Android-Based Tablet requires much caution. This is to ensure the safest and longest duration with it.
  • Do you like some FREE premium classy learning content? The LeapPad Epic academy Edition-Android-Based Tablet is your choice. What is your take with regard to this device anyway?

�� The Barrier Transcending LeapPad Platinum Tablet.

If your interest leans in quality, the LeapPad Ultra tablet is your preferred tablet. Are you seeking quality in the learning devices?

It is hope for the next generation. Are you interested in making treasured children? Do you treasure your children or grandchildren by the way?


It is the only tablet that accommodates the next generation 7″ WiFi for kids joyful learning.

LeapPad Ultra, Fun Learning Tablet, (Click Here)LeapPad Ultimate, Great fun learning Tablet, That Will Give Your Child a Safe fun Learning Environment!!

It has a very powerful processor speed without sparing the sleek design appearance.
With LeapPad Platinum tablet, your children will access the 800+ appealing games, videos, music, and apps for the most convenient learning. All the 800+ fun learning content is educator-approved and you even do not need to worry.
It is safe, of high quality and enough to make your kids heroes. Ah! Did I say, heroes?LeapPad Platinum tablet is a touch tablet with a shatter-safe and wrap-around bumper for protection from spills and drops. Its 8GB memory supports great audio and video recorded files, the camera captured selfies with both the front and back camera.


  • It comes with 6 bonus games that are magical for learning. The games make learning more than fun.
    It also has 10 great apps for learning.
  • Its cons are so insignificant and thus cannot affect the classy lifestyle of our children. Imagine that kind of device. You like it, don’t you?

�� The Mystical Dragon Touch 10.1 inch Android-Based Tablet.

Dragon Touch 10.1 inch Android-Based Tablet is the tablet you will want to use in person. Am sorry it is the kids’ tablets that make learning more relevant in this century. I will not be breaching any authority if I called it the best 2018 tablet for kids. It actually deserves that.

It is now the trending learning tablet for your kids due to its giant features.

The Mystical Dragon Touch 10.1 inch Android-Based Tablet!!


Why is this device associated with such a unique brand name? Dragon Touch 10.1 inch Android-Based Tablet is the only tablet that has a giant size of 10.1 inches. I will call it giant because it has a unique appearance of its own class.

(Click Here), Dragon Touch Android-Based Tablet

Its amazing processor speed is very classy and mystical as I referred to it earlier. The 2GB RAM is more than enough to even run a company. Sorry, not a company but host an organization or so.

The 1.2GHz memory speed ranks it among the best and powerful fun learning devices.
Have I talked about its storage capacity? You will actually find it so powerful. 16GB is a no joke. It accommodates the largest files and 1000+ apps, videos, music, and games without bothering the app store reserves. All of which are educator-approved.

What about the 7.0 OS android version and the processor count 4? The reason why it is an all-in-one tablet with the capacity to carry this century to the next level.


  • It is the only reliable tablet in 2018 and 2019. That is why I already crowned it the best tablet in 2019. It is not going to leave the market soon for it is the only tablet that is genuinely unique.
  • It has a perfect resolution of 2MP. Such a great capacity to support visual content.
  • It is very slim in size and most preferred for the royal class.
  • It is affordable to everyone hence raising the class to all our beloved kids.

It sustains the computer Memory Type of DDR3 SDRAM hence the best tablet computer for kids. I am as well-tempered to rank this as the best among the Exclusively Best Tablets’ 2018… Top 10 Tablets, for our Children’s’ Education!!

REQUEST FROM AMAZON: Kindly return it to Amazon warehouse within 30 days of shipment in case the parcel is in any damaged condition or even incapable of serving as you expected. You will be refunded.

�� The Mass-Moving Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids’ Edition Tablet.

This is the tablet of your classy kids. They are first-class guarantors. The Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids’ Edition Tablet is open to the world of victors for its great reviews and ratings.

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Kid’s Edition Learning Tablet!!


$144 savings will secure your kid Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids’ Edition Tablet. Isn’t this so affordable?
It comes with 1 complete year of Amazon Free Time, a waterproof casing, and more so the 2-year guarantee of the no-worry warranty.

It has a very vibrant HD display screen. The 32GB internal memory gives your children an amazing status of a noble lifestyle.

The Amazon Fire HD 8, Amazon.com, (Click Here)

The battery longevity is 12hour once fully charged. So amazing. This is the reason why I crown Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids’ Edition affordable Tablet as the best kid’s tablet.
The tablet also accommodates expandable memory of 256GB.

Generally, Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids’ Edition Tablet opens up the door to the dazzling experience of our beloved children.

�� The Nutcracker: LeapPad Glo Tablet.

As you know that education can to some extent be tough. Therefore tougher measures are required to mitigate it. Do you know what the secret is? LeapPad Glo Tablet.


This is the most preferred kids’ tablet from the #1 manufacturer of top kids’ tablets. You can’t believe this.
It is bright and shouting colored. Not shouting. Bold colored.
It is meant for kids 3-9 years of age. This is because it is easy to use.

(Click Here), LeapPad Academy, Top-rated Learning Tablet

It offers access to the most engaging library of 1000+ educator-approved ebooks, games apps, and more so the music and videos.
The in-built kids-tough design of this tablet makes it so amazing and durable for use. This is drop-tested.
The 4GB memory with the front camera makes LeapPad Glo Tablet a standard device for kids.


  • The tablet includes 9 bonus apps, 2MP front and back camera, the video recorders as well as the music players.
  • As the tablet from the trusted digital legends, LeapPad Glo Tablet stands out as the best tablet for the kids between 3-9years of age.

�� The Powerful Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet.

This is where the next generation of the heroic Amazon Fire HD Tablet is stocked. The tablet prides itself on serving our kids with its 12-hours battery longevity.


Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet has a vibrant 8-inch screen display.
It has 1.5GB RAM, 1.3 GHz quad-core processor. Do you know what amuses any user of this tablet? You can’t guess this! Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet is more durable compared to the recent iPad.

Let your kids enjoy the virtual world with the 32GB internal storage of the Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet plus the 256GB expandable storage.

The Success Will Be All About Your Child’s Early Academic Headstart. When You Reach Out As The Guardian Of Your Their Academic Outcome. So Go And Get It With These Early Learning Tablets!!


  • As the longterm market legend, Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet enjoys most orders. This is grounded that it is the most affordable tablet.
  • From the various tablets above, I have failed to make justifying devotion. This is because they are designed with the same goal.

Anyway, you are free to make any choice for your beloved children. I know you like them more than anything you have worked for. That is why I have always needed this list of the Exclusively Best Tablets’ 2018… Top 10 Tablets, for our Children’s’ Education!! What is your view of this?

 Conclusion, The Best Tablets Top 10 Tablets For Our Children’s Education!!

Conclusively, to enjoy happiness, freedom, and peace of mind, you first have to give it to your kids. To make the best decision about which device you want to give them, you will need to refer to this Best Tablets’ 2018… Top 10 Tablets, for our Children’s’ Education!!

You got a question, kindly drop it down in the comment box. What is your view on this amazing fun learning devices?

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Best tablets kids. The colorful illustration of a traffic signal on green, stating yes.

This article, as well as every article within this website, has been a true pleasure articulating for the benefit of every viewer, to make a better decision for their children.s academic headstart.

Please feel free as always to leave your valuable and engaging comments below, for our growth. Sincerely, Jack Butler, founder of funlearningdevices.com.

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  1. Ravihansa Rajapakse

    I always believed these devices are not so good for children because of their addictive nature and the electronics. To be honest, I never knew there are such devices that are catered to children. I don’t have kids yet, but I will definitely share this with my cousins who have kids.

    1. Jack

      Thank you, Rajapakse, for your valuable comments on Best Tablets, top 10 Tablets, for our childrens, Education, as they are so vital for the development of this site. They can certainly be addictive, that is why we ap parent’s need to be so aware and in control of what is happening, and have a plan in place for our children’s best academic outcome for these great fun learning devices. I hope to hear from you soon, sincerely, Jack

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    Hey there,
    awesome page and very helpful information!
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  3. Scott Hinkle

    Thank you for the excellent information. These child-centric tablets are quite impressive. I’m torn on which way to go. Have you done any reviews or comparisons of the Apple iPad series? I’m wondering how they fair for children and if they’d be a good tablet to grow with a child as opposed to one dedicated for child use only.

    Thanks again.

    1. Jack

      Thank you for your valuable comment’s on Best Tablet’s 2018, Top 10 Tablet’s, for our Children’s Education, as you know they are vital for the development of this site, as well as our personal growth. I have done a limited amount of research on the I pad’s, first of all, as you know they are very pricey, and as far as the educational peace they probably do not offer as much, the LeapPad epic 7 is an android based learning tablet, and I am sure an adult can get some use out of it. I hope to hear from you soon, Jack

      1. Scott Hinkle

        The expense is a factor. Durability is another. Apple has made strides to offer a lower cost iPad. I wonder if it will close the gap. As for educational content, there are a lot of apps but sorting through them is a daunting task.

        1. Jack

          Thank you, Scott, for your valuable and engaging comments on Best Tablet’s 2018, Top 10 Tablet’s, For Our Children’s Education, as they are vital for the growth of this site. I am sure eventually I-Pad will come up with something more child-friendly, as they will need to in order to effectively compete with a fun learning tablet. I hope to hear from you soon, sincerely, Jack

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    Im thinking of buying one now. I  came across your website accidentally, and I found your website quite important and unique. 

    80% of the population searches before people buy, That was interesting I never knew this information.  I have really enjoyed the way you put the pro and cons 

    When my Corsa touches the picture, it shows the share icon, great idea! It is a nice and refreshing video clip, not to sellsy.

    Only thing I would say, Apple product is quite a popular product, it would have been interesting to see one of your reviews.

    well thank you for sharing this great review! 

    1. Jack

      Thank you Jelani, for your very important and engaging comments on the best tablets of 2018 post, as they are always so vital for the growth of our Blog in every way. I also really appreciate your knowledge of these products as well, I do have several reviews on Apple products, however, we key more into the fun learning tablets. I hope to hear from you soon, sincerely, Jack

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