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Best Tablets For Kids Experiencing Educator Endorsed Fun Learning Devices

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Kid-Friendly Tablets

Most preschoolers and toddlers are capable of operating electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets before they can even tie their shoes or write a complete sentence. Nowadays, kids within the age bracket of 3 to 9 years are tech-savvy because technology is part of their life from birth.

Additionally, they are surrounded by various technological devices and tools, which they encounter and even use in their daily lives. Your children may encounter within their environment, numerous types of electronic gadgets such as iPads, smartphones, and even laptops, but not all of these gadgets may be ideal to introduce your young ones to technology.

The best tablets kids, for great academic results, with fun learning devices, features and provisions are ideal because they have apps, which allow them to be used not only for gaming and fun purposes but also as learning tools, which can foster fun-learning among your young children.

Therefore, these kids’ tablets can serve both as entertainment tools and excellent fun learning devices for your children. If put to proper use, they can be a perfect model of introducing your young ones to technology and fun-filled learning activities. The tablets can serve as a tool, which can support your child’s intellectual growth and social and emotional development.

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There exists a wide array of tablets in the market today, and all of them are available at varying prices. Choosing an ideally priced tablet with the right features, which suit your child’s needs can be a challenging task even when you are well-versed in technology.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Fun Learning Tablet

For instance, you may consider the hard drive size and speed of its processor first, but you will also need tablets that contain kid-friendly content, respond fast, and connect seamlessly to app stores for the access of affordable content in form of apps.

The right kind of tablet that you should choose for your kids depends on the use that the tablet will be put to. There are numerous brands of kids’ tablet models for sale.

Unfortunately, this wide range of choices often throws parents into confusion whenever they seek to purchase the best tablets for their young ones. Selecting tablets for your child can be an overwhelming experience because the options of such products have increased significantly. It is, in fact, challenging to know what model to choose or even the factors to consider when making such a choice.

The selection of the best tablets for kids, for the best academic results, has not been an easy task, and it may never be since new brands and models pop up each day. So what are the basic points to consider when choosing the best Tablets in 2018?

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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tablet

• User-friendliness

Tablets designed for use by your young ones need to be easy to navigate and kid-friendly. LeapFrog is a major producer of kid-friendly tablets that have ideal user interfaces, which enable young users to navigate with ease through their content.

User-friendliness is an essential feature because it permits children to navigate the content of the tablet and its different apps without the need for adult help. An ideal example of a tablet with such user-friendliness is LeapFrog’s LeapPad 3, which has audio hints that guide children through the tablet’s navigation system whenever they get stuck.

• Portability

When choosing a tablet for your child, it is ideal to consider a tablet that would be easily handled by a child’s clumsy and sometimes slippery hands. As such, the tablet needs to be of ideal dimensions that fit into the child’s hands, and it should also be light-weight. These specifications improve handling and prevent accidental falls, which often occur for large-sized and heavy items.

• Sturdiness and durability

Young children have the tendency to sit on things, drop, or bump them against the wall or other objects. As such, developing a sturdy tablet is an important factor in avoiding damage.

Therefore, the durability of a tablet matters a lot in cases where such devices are intended to be handled by children aged between 3 and 9 years. LeapFrog has been an ideal designer for such tough and rugged tablets. It’s Best

Rubberized Tablets’ Edges Are Ideal Because They Assist In Absorbing The Impact That Results From Falls Or Impact From Knocks.

Tablet’s of 2018-Kids’ Tablets cover cases come in wrap-around thick and tough plastics, which are not easily destructible by your children.

Therefore, instead of buying a tough case to protect a bought tablet, it is always ideal to go for tablets that already have such tough cases. But if you have to purchase an additional cover, make sure it has sturdy hand grips for your kid’s hands to get a good grip on the device.

Case covers that protect against spills of fluids are also ideal because they help keep the gadget from liquid damage.

• Content-richness

It is prudent to consider the amount and type of pre-loaded content, which comes with the tablets that you buy for your kids. A tablet pre-loaded with a few games and apps may be of little use to your child because once he or she gets tired or bored of using the same apps over and over again, the child may cast it aside and seek something more captivating or interesting.

Also, consider whether your kids’ tablet’s features allow it to access and upload additional content from app stores supported by the tablets’ proprietor. Such access ensures that you can always upload new content for your kids. This ensures access to interesting, and new content that is rich, captivating, fun, and educational.

Therefore, it is always prudent to go for Android enabled devices such as the LeapPad Epic 7 Android-based tablet,  which allows you to access app stores and upload lots of new apps and games.

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The content richness is also determined by the ability of the tablet to connect with other devices and share content. As such, you should consider the multi-device use factor. It is worth considering other devices within your household, which you may wish to share and transfer content easily.

It is therefore important to choose a tablet that is compatible with other electronic devices at home or at school. This helps in cutting costs, instead of buying extra supporting machines.

  • Connectivity

Ideal tablets for your young ones should be networkable. This allows your kids to share content with their friends as well as acquire new content for their use.

When looking for the best tablets for your kids, for great academic results, it is wise to determine what other devices that you can plug on to your child’s tablet. Some tablets may allow you to expand their memory by adding SD cards to create more space for the storage of content created by the kids such as videos and pictures.

Some of the tablets are also equipped with USB ports, which can permit your child to connect to many other devices such a keyboard/mouse or other peripheral gadgets such as printers to print out pictures. If the tablet has an HDMI plug, it may also allow your child to connect to a larger visual display screen or television, which can allow your child to share content with the family or friends on a bigger screen than that of the tablet.

Other best tablets’ features permit them to connect wirelessly through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and these are equally ideal. Some few makes of the Best Tablets’ of 2018 have access to 4G and 3G wireless networks, and this allows for an easy and perfect connection to the internet when users are far from Wi-Fi points. However, this may come at a high cost, and they are basically not a priority for most kids.

• Internet access and parental controls

Best tablet for kids. The picture of a Mother and Daughter engaging their fun learning tablet.

Your children should only access child and age-appropriate content to avoid stress, psychological trauma, or even cyberbullying in cyberspace while connected to the internet.

Therefore, it is ideal to consider the best tablets for kids’ safety protection features available on any tablet. As a parent, you should consider whether the tablet has built-in internet access controls, and controls in the purchasing of apps and the management of usage

LeapFrog is one of the excellent makers of tablets with perfect internet access controls through its LeapSeach search engine, which limits children’s access to only pre-approved sites that contain age-appropriate content. With features such as LeapSearch on the best tablets for kids, there is no need to worry since you can be sure that your child will never access any content that you would not permit as a parent.

However, if the tablet you wish to buy does not have such connection controls. It is ideal to still review it to determine whether it can allow you to upload apps that can serve a similar purpose.

• Who will use the tablet?

If the tablet you opt to buy for your young ones will be used by children whose ages vary, it is advisable to purchase a device, which is versatile and capable of adjusting its content and usage to suit children of different age groups. For instance, LeapFrog has designed some of its tablet models using Just-for-Me technology, which is a curriculum-based technology that works like a sliding scale.

This technology allows the tablet to assess your child’s use of the educational and fun content to determine their level of understanding and learning before it adjusts the content it presents to your child to suit his or her needs. Such Best Tablets for kids, features are essential for tablets that will be used by kids in different age groups, and whose understanding and ability to learn to differ.

LeapFrog-LeapPad 3, Fun Learning Tablet, You-Tube Video

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Tablets of this nature should also have the ability for you as a parent to set up different accounts and logins for different children. This will enable parents to tailor the kind of content they can access and monitor their activities on the tablet.

Therefore, it is advisable to determine whether your chosen tablet will be used by one child or more. Similarly, even if the tablet will be used by one child, it is good to consider the fact that the child ages with time, and his or her needs may change.

Therefore, it is ideal to choose a tablet whose features are versatile and can change with time to suit your child’s growth with time and the related changes in learning. Therefore, choose a tablet that will grow with your kid by either updating its content in a manner akin to the Just-for-Me technology from LeapFrog or one that can allow you to upload new content in addition to the pre-loaded content to suit the changing needs of your young one as she or he grows.

• Internal and external hardware and software specifications

Long-lasting battery power, a fast-paced processor speed, high internal storage capacity, a clear screen with ideal resolution, and a clear and decent camera with a high resolution are also additional important features, which you should consider when buying the best tablets’, for great academic result’s, with a fun learning device. So why is it important?

1. Screen Size:

Many best tablet screens commonly range from 7 to 10 inches in size. The larger the size, the more visibility and usability options it offers to its users.

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However, this comes at a cost. The larger the screen size, the more cost will be incurred when purchasing the device.

Small-sized screen tablets that come with a 7-inch display may be easy for children to handle because of their size, but the bigger screens such as the 10-inch screens offer the best viewership and these can be a perfect choice when your kids watch videos or play games, which require greater dexterity and precision.

Interestingly, marketing studies have revealed that most children are often comfortable with screens of 7 or 10-inch sizes, and this factor is thus not a very significant consideration for children because they are often comfortable with both sizes of screens.

However, when it comes to cost consideration, you can take this factor into your evaluation. It is thus important to consider the cost of the tablet you wish to buy for your child. Thus, if a 10-inch model is pricey, it is wise to go for a cheaper 7-inch tablet with similar features

2. Battery Life:

The length of time within which the battery of a tablet can last vary, and this is often insignificant to the child. But the longer the time a battery can last, the better, especially if the tablet will be used for outdoor activities such as picture taking or video production or while on the go during travels.

3. Screen Resolution:

The consideration of screen resolution is a rather straightforward thing because the higher the screen resolution the better, as it enhances the clarity of pictures taken and the viewing of videos, pictures, and the games played on the Best Tablets for kids. The unfortunate thing is that the higher the resolution, the higher the likelihood that the tablet will be costly.

4. Processor Speed:

A better processor should be fast enough to guarantee perfect and seamless gaming and faster connections, uploads, and downloads. This helps in enhancing the performance of the device, as it reduces loading times.

5. Internal Storage:

It is often ideal to get as much internal storage as you can for your kids’ tablets because this will ensure that the kids always get sufficient storage space for their content without the need to delete some to fit in more content or to seek external storage. However, if a tablet lacks sufficient internal storage space it is also

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ideal to check whether it can permit the use of SD cards for memory expansion if it has SD card slots. Such options would be equally useful in expanding storage space.

6. Camera:

Virtually all the Best Tablets for kids on the market incorporate cameras into the feature-list of tablets. The resolution of these cameras matters and it determines the clarity of the pictures taken. As such, it is ideal to go for tablets with cameras that bear a high resolution, and if possible they should have both back and front-facing cameras.

Conclusion: Are You Still Unable to Choose?

It is prudent to note that it is often virtually impossible to get all the ideal features that you seek in a tablet all rounded up and included in a single device. In fact, each tablet seems to have its ups and downs, but some are ultimately better than others.

If you are in need of the best tablets kids, then you are in the right place. LeapFrog is a well-renowned brand that produces custom-made tablets, suitable for kids of all age groups. At only $100, you can acquire a simple playing kit for your 6-month old kid to help them establish patterns and build memory, or a more advanced tool for your 1-year old, to help in building creativity and nurturing talents through arts and design, photography, filming.

All these devices come with age-appropriate games that combine gaming and learning in a more friendly manner, making the normal learning process more enjoyable, and easy to execute both at school and at home without much hassle.

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This article, as well as every article within this website, has been a real pleasure articulating for the benefit of every viewer to move forward with the confidence that they are seeking to make the best decision’s for their child’s academic outcome.

Please feel free as always to leave your valuable comments below, so we can all move forward with more confidence. Sincerely, Jack Butler, founder funlearningdevices.com

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