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Best Kids Tablets: “The LeapFrog LeapPad Curriculum”

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 Intervene in Your Child’s Studies With Learning Tablets

Success is a product of confidence. Whereas, trusting in one’s self is the output of trying, failing, and giving it a try again. Which can only be achieved when your child starts using fun learning devices for academic perfection.

These gadgets will motivate your children to remain positive no matter how the situation is. But how can a mere hand device help your child achieve nothing less than the best? Here is a secret for you!

The best kids tablets with, your heartfelt intervention will establish your child’s early academic headstart for their exciting future.

Is it a surprise to see your children conquer every academic obstacle to come up as champions? Then prepare for the surprises if you are planning to introduce tech in their studies. These educational tools come with different mechanisms that can turn around your kid’s learning curves into great performances.

Enhancing Your Child’s Early Academic Success

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Scholars Say Parental Intervention In Your Child’s Studies With Tech Is Important!!

Have you thought of making your children worldwide celebrities? How are you mentoring them? The tactic you are using to groom your child has a direct impact on the future of your children. Chances are, you might be investing all your time, money, and energy in a non-rewarding project.

Do you feel stuck and left with no clue of what your next move should be in providing your child with quality education? Chances are you landed on a platform that is not educator endorsed for your child. The best kids tablets with, your heartfelt intervention will establish your child’s early academic headstart for their exciting future with no hiccups involved.

Because tablets are complex tools that require close monitoring to avoid access to the content that may be inappropriate. However, as a parent, do you know the different parts of these gadgets, their functions, and how they need to be maintained? Here is a hint for you!

Discover The Super Ways Of Maintaining Your Children’s Tablets!

A tablet comes with different parts where each has a specific function. Together, these properties help in changing the perception of your children towards education, this makes them successful. Therefore, before you start monitoring your kids as they interact with the hi-tech system, a clear understanding of each part, its function, and how to take care of the specific property needs to be given the first priority.

Otherwise, kids are technically smart nowadays, you may think they are doing the right thing on the device just to find out they are involved in age-inappropriate activities. Discover the functionality of your kids’ educational equipment!

 The Screen

It is commonly referred to as the display. That is where you can view the activities of the device. From the screen you can find out about the time, date, the amount of charge left among other icons. It is also from the same display that your child can do tablet gaming, read eBooks, watch videos, write documents, and do various activities because of the presence of the action buttons.

LeapFrog-LeapPad 3, Fun Learning Tablet, You-Tube Video

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Screens come in different sizes ranging from small, medium to large. The size of the screen only affects the size of the objects displayed. However, the sensitivity of the display is not affected by its size. How sensitive the screen depends on the quality of the device. Some experts say that the pixels of the pictures viewed changes with an increase in the size of the display, however, there is still an argument over the same.

Being part of the tech with many functions, the screen is still the most fragile part. Therefore, optimum care and maintenance need to be applied.

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~ How to take care of the screen

The use of a shatter-safe screen. This is an additional screen that helps prevent direct conduct with any instrument that can cause scratches on the main screen. Also, the extra display helps protect the screen from cracking when the device accidentally falls on a hard surface.

The shatter-safe protects the sensitive screen from drops and spills which can be hazardous to the device especially when the dropping and spilling foods are hot or cold.

• Use of a casing

The LeapPad Epic Academy, Fun Learning Tablet, (Click Here)

The picture of a leapPad Epic 7, fun learning tablet.
There Are Devices That Comes Already Loaded With a Case. Be It Plastic or Rubber. The Cases Help In Protecting The Tablet From Cracking After Accidental Falls!!

A rubber case is capable of reducing the tension created when the tool hits a hard surface thereby reducing the chances of cracks forming on the screen.

Rubber is elastic therefore adding your child’s chances of gripping the gadget well. That also helps in protecting the hi-tech system from slipping.

* The battery

It is the main source of power for the device. It can be inbuilt or removable that is according to the company’s preference. However, both of them share similar functions.

~ How to take care of the battery

Avoid charging the tablet when using it at the same time. This will help protect the battery cells from being overused. In fact, putting the device off or on a flight mode is recommended.

Do not store the gadget at a place with too low or high temperatures. For longer battery services, keep the device at a place with room temperatures.

Put the tablet on charge only when the battery is completely down on charge. Charging the battery when it still is charged will have negative impacts on the cells thereby lowering the chances of the tablet serving your child for long. Stop charging immediately when the device is fully charged.

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The picture of a little boy and girl, engaging with their fun learning tablet.
Remember To Always Use The Right Charger or Adapter When Charging Your Tablet!!

The charging port is created in a way that it can only allow a particular type of charger. Thereby, inserting any cable might cause damages to the port.

* The power and volume buttons

These are very important parts of the tablet. They need to be maintained for longer and efficient services. They are external parts that trigger the inner parts operations of the device. The only way of taking care of these buttons is by using them only when they are required. Do not overpress them.

* Applications

They are a paramount part of every gadget. They are commonly referred to as software. They are the ones that dictate how your child will study on the device.

The Best Educational Apps: Exploring Unlimited Heights of Education

What are the different types of applications? Are applications relevant to your kids? There are three main types of applications, that is writing, gaming, and reading. For them to be relevant to your child’s studies they must be educator-approved and appropriate for your child’s age.

However, with top-rated tablets, the apps are already passed through different filters set by educators. Therefore, they are eligible in guiding your kids toward the right educational directions by giving them unique social and academic skills.

Unfortunately, there are a few parents who fall, victims to unqualified tablet purchases, because they are not familiar with the features that come with the top-rated gadget.

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The picture of the LeapPad Epic Academy, fun learning tablet.
Great Apps Are Only Available In Quality Devices. Are You Among This Slot of Parents?

Fret not, here is a secret of selecting the perfect tablet–,by the use of the features of the applications available on the platform!

Discover the Features of the Perfect Educational Applications

* The software will provide your child with age-appropriate content.

What is available in the app? Remember what your children read is what they will produce on paper. Therefore, whatever they interact with has a direct impact on their performance at large. A perfect learning application should provide your children with what educators recommend is perfect for their age.

* No ads

Ads are an excellent source of information about a new product in town. However, not every upcoming product is fine for your kids. In fact, other ads have information regarding places and events which may not have any significance on whatever your children are studying.

Therefore, an app that comes with ads may pose more risks than benefits to your child. For instance, the distraction caused when your kids are following up can lead to a low level of concentration span. Also, some ads don’t come free of charge. They will eat up on the credits you have purchased which might not be a part of the budget.

The Amazon Fire HD 8, Kids Edition Tablet, (Click Here)

The colorful illustration of knowledge, and arrows pointing upward.

After understanding the properties of a quality application, it is your turn to use the best kid’s tablets with, your heartfelt intervention as it will establish your child’s early academic headstart for their exciting future. But how? Here is a hitch for you!

The Rules Of Success With Safety!

* Regulate the time your child spends on the screen.

How long your child is seating in front of her device will determine the end results of the process. Either success will come or a habit will form. For great results, offering the right dosage of tech is the better option.

* Regulate the brightness of the tablet.

Your kids’ eyes are at stake when they are involved in tech with no regulated lighting. These tools come with a property that can help create a brightness level that is perfect for your child. And that is your role!

* Limit the number of times your children access a particular app.

This can be gaming software or any other app. Excessive use of one application can lead to habit formation.

* Create a conducive home environment for your child’s studies.

That entails having a specific place of study, no distractions from TVs and radio, perfect lighting, and much more.

Final Remark,

The journey of parenthood requires your full attention and participation all along the way. And with the tech, you can be sure of your child’s success at the end of it all. You only are required to give your child a chance to interact with a tablet.

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    Thank you very much for this great post, you must have put a lot of energy in putting this list together, and I really appreciate your willingness to share it here. I think the perfect pick for my nephew will be the LeapPad Epic Academy, Fun Learning Tablet, I will try to read more about it and place an order, I can’t agree less with you that what children read and see is what they will surely produce on paper. 

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    Wow! So much information made available here within this platform concerning how to maintain the tablets for our kids and how to ensure that they make use of it judiciously in order for them to achieve the greater deal of success while establishing them to the learning world of education where they can access everything through their tablets. Thumbs up and thanks

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    I have always loved your post on tablets for kids, it always comes with lots of information that can be useful at on point or another, these steps laid out here in taking care of a tablet are top-notch, my kid loves charging and making use of the tablet at the same time I never knew that could ruin the battery life span, I’ll keep him in check to make sure he doesn’t damage his learning device. Thanks for sharing. 

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    Thank you so much for sharing the tips on best tablets for kids. I honestly have no idea that not all tablets can run all the apps. I assume that they are androids base, oh well. The No Ads is a good pointer there. We really do not want something that is not appropriate for kids and can lead to another. All your pointers are what I am doing with my nephews. I use the tablets as a treat if they do something good and I also monitor them. I also make it a fun learning device as well. Sometimes we play a puzzle together or we read together and they love it. I still think that tablets are great as a learning tool. You just have to monitor your kids and set the rules.

    1. Jack

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